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A mouth-watering gift

Hello everyone,


I just wanted to say a great big thank you to @EmilieT @Martin-O2 and @Marjo  for the absolutely amazing present i received in the post today. 


It was a bad morning for me today. It is one year since I lost my long time companion. As some of you know, I once had a gorgeous wolf like black dog named Freddie. 



a knock at the door forced me to get out of bed, I had fully intended to stay in missing my lovely boy. 


Haven't ordered anything... what could this be? 





And so much more! I couldn't believe the amount of goodies! 


But why do I get this from o2? Did I win a prize? I didn't enter anything...




I am completely overwhelmed by this kindness. I never thought talking to people on the internet would be so rewarding! All of you that have read my reviews and encouraged me, you probably don't know how wonderful it is to have that connection. All five of my children have moved away and are busy with their own lives. And without Freddie, I found it hard to even want to engage with other people. 


For a few months I have worked in a pet charity shop, volunteering, and have been trying to write on this forum too. I feel a lot better than before now. I was made redundant when the cafe i worked at closed down.




For those that don't know i write reviews for Cafe nero priority drink here https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/O2-Priority/O2-Priority-Caffe-Nero-Menu-Review/td-p/1258660 - I will be using my new cup!


But I think next weeks review will be on lovely Zuma hot choc from the community managers from o2!


Thank you

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Re: A mouth-watering gift

Brilliant news!!! Well deserved @Seahorse . I hope you enjoy your gifts and goodies. 


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Re: A mouth-watering gift

Well done Smiley Happy
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Re: A mouth-watering gift

How lovely @Seahorse  and well deserved.

Really sorry to hear it was the anniversary of Freddie's death. Hopefully this made you feel better heart

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Re: A mouth-watering gift

Fantastic @Seahorse
Well deserved and enjoy.
Cheers everyone enjoys a surprise
Love that coffee❤❤❤❤
Lots of best wishes TallTrees

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Re: A mouth-watering gift

[ Edited ]


That's really great @Seahorse what a nice surprise for you

Well deserved. thumbsup

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Re: A mouth-watering gift

Fantastic surprise and a well timed boost.
Hope the hot chocolate is as good as the parcel.

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Re: A mouth-watering gift

@Seahorse So happy to hear you got your surprise and like it! I can't wait to hear what you think of the hot chocolate, and hopefully the mug(s) will come in handy Smiley Happy

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Re: A mouth-watering gift

Amazing! What a nice post to read first thing in the morning @Seahorse. Glad you received the parcel ok and you're enjoying it. Smiley Happy

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Re: A mouth-watering gift

Yes, @Seahorse those mugs will come in handy and it looks like one of those is a colour changing mug too. I found this out after I thought as I left the o2 mug in the sun I ruined it🤓🤓🤣