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5G Health and Environmental

I have recently noticed there is a slow increase in LED lighting being erected around the UK. This seems to be happening concurrently with the slow introduction of 5G. Can I ask; does Somerset have any involvement or plans to introduce 5G technology and is the slow introduction of LED lighting in the UK making way for this new 5G technology? Also, what are the health concerns regarding the new 5G technology and has any studies, research or potential health risks been carried out on this new technology? 
It is no secret that mobile phone companies are beginning to advice people who buy phones not to carry them on their bodies (E.g. in their pockets) due to the potential risk of radiation coming from the phones. Some countries such as China make it legal practice for women to be very careful when pregnant and in the presence of mobile phones. Again due to the radiation.
For the above reason I have decided to contact you in hope of voicing a concern. Also to bring the situation to your attention and hopefully for you to look into the issue too. I am guessing I am likely the only person to contact you about this issue? However, it is a concern I have an wondered if anyone else has any interest in the matter currently?
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Re: 5G Health and Environmental

@ThomasJRussell1 This is not customer service. O2 don’t give out information regarding roll outs & this in the news is just scaremongering like when 3G & 4G we’re both introduced

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Re: 5G Health and Environmental

Thanks for raising an interesting point @ThomasJRussell1, but this is a community forum for o2 customers and so is unlikely you will get a direct reply from o2.
That being said, having done some "research" (googling 5G health risks) came up with a couple of articles to read:
1 - How To Geek have this article about the research around mobile phone dangers

2 - Wired have this article around the myths of 5G (and 4G before it)


To summarise, both articles state that despite lots of evidence that no mobile networks that are currently in use (from 2G to 5G) directly cause any health issues there are numerous groups and factions that want to shout that there are.


A good way of looking at it is by borrowing the image below from the HTG article (which actually comes from the CDC).

What it attempts to show is that (with the sole exception of microwaves) non-ionizing waves do not have the potential for harm.

Everything that COULD cause harm is on the other end of the spectrum under ionizing waves.


electromagnetic spectrum


Hope this clears it up.

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Re: 5G Health and Environmental

Hey @ThomasJRussell1, I just wanted to let you know we've shared some more news around 5G here this morning Smiley Happy

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