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4G download speed


Why does O2 come out so poorly?

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Re: 4G download speed

Speed isn't everything!
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Re: 4G download speed

I'm on o2 and in llandudno junction mate on ee I have 4g he don't lol
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Re: 4G download speed

EE is known for rubbish signal in my area. O2 has faster speeds then the other 3 major networks
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Re: 4G download speed

Similar to my experience. Going away with friends to Yarmouth and Somerset, I'm with O2, One is on EE, two on vodafone and one on 3.

My phone is the one which gets a better signal than the others used.

I fact if we want to know the football  or any other sports results. I'm the one who gets asked to find them as as my phone is faster.

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Re: 4G download speed

To be fair, my average is above 20 and in some areas above 80

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Re: 4G download speed

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Re: 4G download speed

From my own experience, the graphic is accurate.
This is having had EE Max , Vodafone, Three and now a O2 SIM in the past year whilst travelling around the country.

EE is definitely the fastest. BUT I'm finding O2 to have more signal in more places. Using the actual phone is important to me.

My average in Edinburgh centre on EE was usually 100+ . Is about 20meg on O2. Max on EE c300 , O2 80meg.
That said it makes very little difference unless actually downloading a large file, which is rare.

XX meg is enough in most situations.

O2 is definitely behind the curve with 4g speed. I hope they implement 5g quickly and competitively.

Nice to have a signal in my own house though.