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Re: 4G & 5G Speeds

Here are this afternoon's 4G and 3G speeds from the office at lunchtime:




3G below


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Re: 4G & 5G Speeds

Not outside as it was too cold but sat in the cafe at work where there are lots of windows, please bear in mind with this I'm actually on giffgaff which is an o2 owned MVNO but the way people say it varies suggests they get a percentage of the bandwidth available on a cell


I'm in Bucks by the way, measured using Ookla speedtest app


attenuation was 107-108 dBm


download 15.7 Mbps

upload 1.02 Mbps


Phone is HMD Nokia 5 with generic UK firmware (Android 9 patched up to October 19 as they've now switched to quarterly updates as the phone is getting 'long in the tooth'