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02 staff made me delete all my data

02 staff member made me lose all my data by telling me to factory reset my phone for no apparent reason. Then refuse on several occasions to allow me to leave feedback and make complaint. Is 02 liable for losing my data with poor staff training and giving customer false information leading to the loss of data. Can I get compensation for losing all my data? How should I go about doing this. Has anyone had to deal with this sort of behaviour from 02. Here is the transcript of the chat:


FML, rip all my stuff.
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Re: 02 staff made me delete all my data


I think this is something that you should let the complaints team handle https://www.o2.co.uk/how-to-complain

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Re: 02 staff made me delete all my data

@Tntjump @They we’re going by a prepared script I think but they did not cause you to lose your data. That was the fault of your handset. Did you have a back up of your data? Also you won’t get compensation for that. Maybe a goodwill gesture of a couple of quid. if you wish to complain then use this guide. Resolver gets good results apparently https://www.o2.co.uk/how-to-complain.

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Re: 02 staff made me delete all my data

On most devices it will always give you a warning about data back up before doing a factory reset to ensure you don’t lose any data. It is unlikely that O2 will assume any liability as the general wisdom would be that you would have backed up your device at some point especially if it was an iPhone as your device backs up automatically for you. I am guessing you have never backed up your device ?