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With o2 from day one mainly because of guru service but also because contacting was easy..not any more..I am pretty tech savvy even setting up my husbands online tax account..but try booking a guru appointment online kept saying there was none within 20 miles of me and taking me round in circles and the only ones I could get showing were in Stafford in England?? I am in Belfast..and as for the voice activation when you't work..somehow technical help translates to tarrif?? Eventually I get through to help in some foreign be honest it was worse than useless as all I had done was waste my time..was about to say it's as bad as Virgin now and they were and are the pits for customer services..and as for rejoining the community that was fun my security question would which have was correct tookna few goes to be accepted..on phoning I the o2 shops I was informed that they have only 4 shops with gurus now and there always seems to be 2 'on holiday' I had an urgent need as I had Malware on my phone..thanks o2 every aspect of cusomer care has gone down the dustpipe..may as well pick a provider at random now..was left to sort it myself..


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