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You lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky people...

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....being on the broad sunlit uplands of O2 pay as you go, where you can get classic 123, big bundles and international, change tarrif on line and manage multiple numbers in one account. Where sim swapping is easy and CS can even transfer the credit from a lost sim to a new one!!!


Rather than languishing in the miserible dank lowlands of EE.  Pre configured pack/tarrif sims, jumping through hoops to change tarrif, auto renewing packs and no data on standard rates. Yep if you want data you HAVE to buy a time limited pack or add on.

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Looks like you had a good experience with PAYG @Anonymous slight_smile


How long have you been using this for? It'd be interesting to hear about others' experiences with the PAYG features and processes as well!

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I think I've had an 02 PAYG sim for 5 or 6 years @EmilieT  I used it in a cheap phone/text Nokia - now it's in an old HTC... Its for taking to places where I don't have to worry if it gets lost or damaged - The beach for example! πŸŠπŸ‘™πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

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