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Why has o2 now become the UKs worst network?

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Hello. I’d like to talk about why this god forsaken network has now become the UKs worst.


I have been with o2 for almost 7 years and I’ve been loyal to them because once upon a time they where good and reliable.

Over the last year or so though things have got much worse and what angers me is I’m paying for two contracts and o2 just expect you to pay for services you can’t even use.


It started with the basics, texting became impossible even in the town centre. The only way I could text would be connected to wifi (on sky) otherwise no message I sent would get delivered. This started a year ago. Around 6 months ago or so my data speeds have became non existent. I did a speed test on both of my SIM cards, during the day I’m getting between 0.4kbps and 1.2kbps. No faster. I have one of my sims in my wireless router with unlimited data. If I reboot the router the speed starts off at around 114kbps but then drops to 0.0kbps and back to the usual 0.4-1.2kbps. This is on both SIM cards and I’ve taken screenshots of this.


contacting o2 does nothing, they claim to send engineers out then they claim it’s “been fixed” but it never does get fixed. And now when you try to contact them on the app all you constantly get is “our team is busy right now so we can’t connect you” which just frustrates you even more.


I’ve complained about this so many times to o2 it’s now like talking to a brick wall. After years of loyalty I’m sickened that this is how they treat their paying customers.


the ONLY time I get even close to a decent speed is after 1am but I should not be expected to either wait until then or sit up and use my data then. I’ve had managers (so called) brush my complaint away simply saying “oh the mast is busy in your area, sorry about that” (no follow up just that one comment) I’ve had managers offer me a one month refund which is equally stupid because I’d still have the same issues the next month. I’ve had customer services simply close my complaint without even a reply and without warning. Meanwhile I’m wasting money on crap and they are quite happy to keep robbing me.


I did some shopping around and found another network offering far better speeds (100Mbps) plus even better packages than I’m on now with o2 and for less money, I asked o2 for my PAC code as I want to keep my number and their response “you’ll need to clear off your remaining contract first”……I know that’s BS, firstly I can request my PAC anytime I like and secondly I’m being charged for a service I can’t even use during normal hours so under consumer law I don’t have to pay anything off as I can prove it.


it’s rumoured that 4G speeds are being syphoned off to boost 5G which I can agree with because this started when o2 boasted that 5G came to my town, BUT the stupidity of that is 5G isn’t even available in my area. So why o2 honestly expect any customer to pay for a service that has got this bad is an utter joke as during the day the basic functions of the network are non existent. I can text fine at my parents but anywhere else in town I can’t. You try and tell them there is a major issue and they are simply oblivious. They believe what their screen tells them over what we the actual customer is going through. I’ve got to the point now I’ve lost all respect I had for this network and I’m no longer interested in their excuses.


are any of you experiencing this god awful treatment?

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@Enlli wrote:


One has to ask, if a mast has been down 10 years (most likely decommissioned) then why are you still with O2?

Exactly my thoughts too!

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I have had the exact same issues with both of our phones. Customer service either says they’re working on it or there isn’t an issue. Either no data service or spotty service. I keep getting caught out with no service for GPS. The only reason I’ve stayed is that it includes EU data and calls but it’s not worth it. I had to use my friends maps app with an international plan from the states. Their service is perfect. 

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Can't say I have ever had a problem using Maps, and I've covered the south coast up to Northumberland 

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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