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Terrible Customer Services

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I understand that this is a strange time but the service I have received in the last two weeks is verging on the ridiculous.


I had a SIM swap which didn't work and I ended up with no service. Despite numerous calls and being promised call-backs, didn't happen, it still took over a week to fix. I even had to deal with someone huffing and puffing at me and then blind transferring me to a completely wrong team. Eventually this was resolved by someone sending me a new esim for my iPhone more than a week later.


Once my service was restored I asked them to get iPhone services working again. Another back and forth an incident/issue opened and someone would call me back in 24 hours (can you guess where this is leading?) no call back so I called again and was subjected to someone huffing and puffing through the call. Another incident/ticket opened with a promise it would be fixed within 24 hours which again didn't happen. Called up and was told there was an issue and that I would get an email from the advisor when he'd found a fix which again didn't happen. Called up again today to be told they have to make a change to my account which would take 24 hours and the agent would then go in and update my line to allow iPhone services from tomorrow after 15:00. Can you guess how confident I am tha this will actually happen? 

The service has been terrible, even prior to this it was pretty bad, even when you complain no one gets back to you. No wonder you have to have an account on here to post to the forum, if potential customers saw half of the posts they'd run a mile.

O2 need to kick Capita or whoever they've outsourced their customer services to up the backside because they've been utterly useless.

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@Anonymous Couldn't agree with you more. O2's handling of customer difficulties during this time has been appalling.

You can lodge a complaint, for all it's worth, but that's about it, unless you leave.


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I've asked for a complaint to be opened a number of times and they have said we'll look into it. Each time I've called and asked if a complaint is open they say no but not to worry they'll fix the issue.


I'm unfortunately tied into the contract for a bit as I've been made redundant and can't afford to pay out the handset cost until I start working again in a few months.


Once it's paid for I'm off.

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You will need to make the complaint yourself @Anonymous using the link above

Or...... Google CEO O2, his office is contactable by email

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