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Speaker sound quality issue on the Galaxy S20+

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I received my Samsung Galaxy S20+ on 10th March, however there is an issue with the speaker sound quality.
On the Galaxy S10 (& S9), the quality of the speakers sound fantastic. Dolby Atmos on the S10 really enhances the already great sound experience that you get from your phone.

On the S20+ (& S20 so I'm being told in the Samsung Community), Dolby Atmos sounds horrific. I was watching a video on YouTube and I had to turn it off, my ears were literally feeling like they were bleeding, it was so high pitched and distorted.
It's distorting at moderate volumes when it shouldn't be, the S10 doesn't distort at full volume!

Since I posted about this on Tuesday on the Samsung Community, I've had quite a few responses since to say that others are experiencing the same issue.

I have booked in with an O2 Guru on Saturday at my local O2 Shop to see if I can get a replacement handset.

Has anyone else with a Galaxy S20+, S20 or S20 Ultra had this issue?

We're wondering on the Samsung Community if this is an issue that can be fixed via an OTA Software Update or whether we will have to get replacement handsets.

Cheers guys slight_smile
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@SamsungFanBoy  If I had received an extremely expensive, brand new handset, and on the day I received it, started to have problems with it, I wouldn't be holding onto to it and posting about it in any community, nor would I be waiting for an appointment with an O2 Guru. It would be back in the box and on it's way back to O2 to get a replacement as soon as possible. If there's a wait to get the replacement because of the high demand, then so be it.

It's your right as a consumer to expect a fully functioning phone right out of the box, and not have to wait for some possible software update that may or may not resolve the issue.


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