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Some Good News from VMo2 with regards to Roaming

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So VMo2 have committed to no roaming fees above the FUP changes to users who have over 25GB of Data on their Plan (and customers are still bound by the rules about length of roaming).


Virgin Media O2 UK Commits to Retain Free EU Mobile Roaming - ISPreview UK




Vodafone will be charging £2 per day from the end of Jan, and EE at the end of March, and 3 have a roaming limit of 20GB


So looks like o2 have USP at least for roaming users..

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All part of the folly that was sold to the Great British Public as Brexit - even the BBC says so, @madasaf1sh 😖


"Without the EU rules in place, the charges levied depend on agreements between UK operators and their counterparts in EU countries.

Both sides may have seen this as an opportunity to make some money both from UK customers visiting EU countries and EU customers coming to the UK." (No, really?)


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