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S20 FE o2 signal poor

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I have had this new s20 for 9 months and since day one the signal has been noticeably worse than my s7edge with the same sim card, most days at best 1 bar on 4g. I have contacted support but didn't get anywhere fast and they said no mast or signal issues in my area. I have checked service checker and it says mast down, but has done for months now. Coverage checker says I should get good signal. But ultimately I'm left with mobile phone that cannot get a signal as good as a handset 6 years old. I have followed all trouble shooting steps from o2, online, forums but I still get 1 bar 4g. Where do I go next and most importantly how to I get rid of this thing/handset fixed or swapped? I was going to go in to o2 on Friday to see if I can get a resolution but unsure I want to waste a large part of my day off and my life judging by community and forum comments as it appears a known issue - poor signal on a poor handset with multiple issues. Any advice appreciated. Otherwise I'll be pushed to sell it to some poor soul on ebay...

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The FE range is a disaster from Samsung, to be honest, and is just a mess. 


I would say speak to Samsung and see what they say, and what they recommend such as a warranty repair etc. 

You can also speak to o2 customer services to have it repaired through them as well, but I would recommend direct to Samsung

Unfortunately as you have had the phone 9 months and you want to change to a new phone, you would need to pay off the device plan in full, and then upgrade from there. 

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OK thank you I appreciate the feedback. The technical team almost made me think it was me or the sim or the area, I thought I was going mad. But I knew the phone was faulty. Its like a lot of things, in the grand scheme of things the phone wasn't priority over last 9 months so I just put up with it. I will pop in to o2 and see what they say and then speak to the people you advised, cheers again.

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