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Recent trip to France

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Now I go to France a lot as we have a place there. Over the last few weeks I had reason to visit the Vendee(great weather and very very hot so got a great tan) 


I was near the coast in a village called Angles which is great, it even has a 12th century plantagenant church for all you history buffs.


Now to the point of this post----- I was pleased to see 4G on my phone using Boygues so imagine my frustration when nothing happened when I tried to log into a website and I mean nothing!!


So after several failed attempts I did a speed test and the download speed was an eye wateringly fast 0.02 Meg per second!! and I kid you not.


So what did I do to overcome this obstacle? put my phone onto 3G only and got great speeds as 3G was so quiet with evereyone being on 4G it was great. 


So, tip for everyone, if you are in France and get rubbish 4G speeds force your device onto 3G and enjoy eyeball shredding 3g speeds.

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Same advice for any country too.
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It's something a few of us have advised before but it's always useful information for anyone browsing the boards.

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Same advise for UK


im afraid 4G is now saturated and is struggling due to the demand and increase in Data useage.

Every country is the same, if there are only small chunks of 4G and a lot of users, it’s crawls to a snail pace or even stops.


imagine 100 gallons of water going through a tiny pin hole.  Ain’t going to be fast 😒


i was recently at Notting Arena.  Couldn’t use 4G on EE Or O2.  Zilch. Network data fails to load.


swap both to 3G and oh hello, we are back up and running.  I didn’t tell the other 10,000 people sitting waiting for their phones to work.  I wanted the 3G network all to me lol😂

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TBH I never ever struggled with 3G in Spain. Not been back since it has 4G but one or the other works for me...

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