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Premium rate services petition to O2

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EE have introduced a 2!step verification process for premium rate services. 

Vodafone allow customers full control within the My Vodafone app. 

O2 currently do nothing and many thousands of customers are scammed out of a lot of money every month. 

What will you do O2!to keep up with the competition and protect your customers or are you happy to take a cut and leave customers exposed?

if you want to add your voice to this, please comment below. 

Over to you, O2 ?

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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You obviously have experience and done extensive research in these scams.

Is it possible on your in-depth website to incorporate some form of standard templates for writing or emailing the necessary requirement and wording to O2?

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@jonsie wrote:


You obviously have experience and done extensive research in these scams.

Is it possible on your in-depth website to incorporate some form of standard templates for writing or emailing the necessary requirement and wording to O2?

Template Letters:


Template Letters before Action


Template GDPR Complaint Letter



Phone payment scam? Need independent advice? Payforit Faq for O2 Customers
Help put a stop to these scams. Join our Facebook Group
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Advice on making complaints to networks about their handling of your case or their refusal to accept escalation.

Phone payment scam? Need independent advice? Payforit Faq for O2 Customers
Help put a stop to these scams. Join our Facebook Group
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I have been on the phone for over an hour with O2 regarding a company called Lasevia who O2 regardless of the fact that they are openly scamming O2 and GIFF GAFF customers in which O2 are fully aware but have failed to safeguard any of their customers or warn us about this obvious scam.

On Sunday I received a text telling me that I was still subscribed to Books4you, I checked my bank account like I did the last time I received this text but I didn't see anything like the previous times.

Now they will say I should of called the number on the text but really, how many of us would call a random number from a random company saying you have subscribed to a website or service you have never heard of?

Also what if I call this number and I get charged a stupid amount to do so?

I then thought to check my O2 account in which I saw the charges so I called O2 straight away to inform them & the 1st thing that came out of the customer care persons mouth was it's legal in the UK???

Why would you say that knowing it's morally wrong and unethical especially when O2 are fully aware of this scam??

She told me that she had put a third party block on my account (which doesn't actually help me now as they have already been taking £4.50 each week from me since Dec 2018 and we're now in April)

She then called Lasevia who re-confirmed that they were calling me within 48 hours which they didn't so I had to chase them.

When they did call I was basiclly told because I didn't respond to the text they were not refunding me.

This company knows it's a scam but they also know that most people will not call some random number if they cannot see it coming out of their bank account and have no idea that it's actually coming out of their account.

My problem with O2 is that they have been aware that their customers have been getting scammed for over a year possibly 2, plus all the stories are pretty much the same yet they have chosen to not only ignore our complaints and do nothing about these complaints but haven't safeguarded their customers by warning us that this has been going on & to be on the look out for either this kind of scam or this particular company.

Why is it you have set this community forum and have chosen to ignore whats being said, I was told when trying to get a 3rd line for our son that the reason they wouldn't price match EE was because they were a Premier Network, I asked how are they compared to EE & Vodaphone and even 3, I was told because they had the O2 Priority APP????

This shows this network thinks they are clearly so big that they are a bit or maybe alot out of touch with they're consumers as every Network offers some form of incentives similar to O2 so just because you put Priority on an app doesn't mean your a Premier Network

service, price, After care, Morality and Safeguarding of your customers are what make you Premier all of which you have lacked and after today has all but gone in mine and my families eyes.

All the above that O2 have seem to of forgotten over the last 4 odd years as this has got worse plus a Premier Network wouldn't allow their customers to be openly scammed and leave us to fend for ourselves when trying to re-coup the money back which is basically what they have done to myself.

I was told that they don't get involved in 3rd party companies so told me that I would have to go through to they're regulator which I had to call them a further 2-3 times to insist that they get the information for me as Levesia wouldn't get back to me for 3 days.

I have been left high and dry by O2 along with other customers and I'm encouraging everyone to get in contact with the Ombudsman on details I will leave below as their defense is weak especially when they are telling me that because they have the My O2 app that we can monitor our charges but my problem is that alot of people on O2 just about know how to get around the phone, some of these people are pensioners or kids that have a phone for security so what about them??

How about take action on behalf of your customers and don't entertain this scam company which I can see you have been told before yet you have done NOTHING!!!! Not even warned us about this scam that is prominent and to the point where you told one customer that the feedback about this Rouge company was Hearsay.

I blame O2 as this would never of happened to me if they had taken action from all the complaints that have come in so it begs the question WHY, Why are you choosing to stay silent on the issue, Why haven't put anything in place barring putting a restriction on third party companies on my phone AFTER I have been scammed (another weak defense)

What is it that they are paying you to keep them on your platform and to Rip off your customers as it must be good considering your willing to defend your actions & send your customers away with a fight on their hands and give mis information for what isn't thousands and not even hundreds in a certain amount of cases but in terms of morally and a duty to protect the consumers that trust you would have their best interests at heart YOU HAVE FAILED.

I wish I didn't have to chase O2 regarding a Third Party that has scammed me

I wish O2 had acted on the countless amounts of complaints and well documented issues regarding Lasevia.

I wish I didn't have to spend an hour while at work on the phone after being told by O2 customer service the night before that I would be refunded to then be told that I'm on my own.

I wish I didn't then have to spend more time writing this because O2 really don't seem interested in warning other O2 customers or stop allowing Lasevia to do this to their customers:

Please contact the below if you want to complain about O2 and their sheer lack of safeguarding, consideration and understanding of protecting their customers or taking action on FRAUD ACTIVITY on their network:

Ombudsman Services contact details
Address: PO Box 730, Warrington WA4 6WU
Phone: 0330 440 1614
Fax: 0330 440 1615
Textphone: 0330 440 1615

Also the details of the REGULATER they fob you to to sort it out yourself:

I apologies for this long post but enough is enough something needs to be done otherwise what’s the point of having a forum to give feedback that’s not listened too

Kind Regards,


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Ive had a strange text this am. I thought it might be a friend replying to a status i sent out regarding losing names attached to Whats App tel . nos.

Im concerned it was a preium no having only 4 or 5 nos.  see my post  Re rogue text

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Adding my name- O2 should be embarassed about literally stealing money off their customers!


I was subscribed to "Health" from Taptronic. 1st I knew about it was a text from O2 after a month asking me how I liked paying for the service on my bill.  I've never heard of Taptronic. After some research, I found the App on the App Store but I have never downloaded it.

It took me about 3 hours to get this fixed, and I had to threaten to leave O2 to get the refund.  The support person kept telling me I had subscribed, but there is no way I did.


So what have O2 achieved?  They had £12 of my money for a while, and they have turned a customer of 20 years into a deeply unsatisfied one, because this practice of theft fromn their own customers is

unconscionable, especially in light of the pressure they have already received!

It has left such a bitter taste in my mouth, I think I will leave anyway!

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Totally agree I’m considering moving all my accounts as security is key for me.
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The only way I have for sure security is to bar direct Bill's to my mobile and bar premium calls on my mobile. To do this contact customer services


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Another victims voice. But judging from the dates , this doesn't seem like a successful thread. slight_smile
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