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No rural service.

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In the rural area BT68 we were left for over a week with no phone/internet service. But they still bill me and cut me off because I'm a few day over due. Recieved neither apolgy or explaination for why service was down or compentsation for interuption. Because of this my universal credit was cut of and I had to reapply. Now I've to wait weeks for a payment and have no phone or internet service. I believe a legal case will have to taken aganist O2 for this. People can't be left like this. 


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Off the air for 5 weeks one July in another BT postcode. Cost a mint in roaming charges, switching to the nearest Irish carrier. Not able to use VoWiFi in those days, on the BT Broadband (at the time) supply. 5 phones, all unusable - kept using the O2 Network checker in here: Guide: How can I sort out my network issues? daily, and hassling O2's Twitter team daily - didn't help, but made me feel better. Still with O2 some dozen or more years later - only company with decent coverage in the signal blind spot in which we live compared to the other carriers (Orange or Vodafone at the time). 

We’re just customers like you here, @UnhapoyCamper42, but it sounds like you’ll all need to message O2 on

 Facebook ( ,

 Twitter ( or

 Instagram ( , daily until service is restored.

Failing that, here is a link you may need to read. Good luck!



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