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No Signal at Concerts

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Hi all,

Having recently signing up to O2 last month I have to say I am incredibly disappointed with the lack of signal and Network when I am at large events


For example, my job entails working at Concert venues such as Manchester Arena.


It seems when there are more than a few thousand people in the venue it's goodbye to me using my phone. I can't make/receive calls and the Network data does not connect me to the internet either.


Anyone else experience this? 

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Yes it's been well known for some time that the pressure put on the networks and masts in large concert venues creates major problems.

It will remain like this until investment is made to increase masts etc.

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Blame the venues, as they should be investing in Microcells and the underlying infrastructure so all customers of all networks to use their devices.  


Most of these venues are like Faraday cages and are have large and thick walls to block noise escaping, and radio waves cant penetrate them. 


I know when we setup large events in spaces that are similar we have some femtocells linked by ethernet to Network of the building or build out a WiFi network which allows WiFi Calling. 

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Thank you - makes sense.


Certainly agree about the Faraday cage, even the In House Radios we use to contact each other are never 100% reliable.


Interestingly though, I bought an EE PAYG sim card and used that on Saturday night too


18000 in the crowd.

O2 SIM was useless

EE - I could still make calls and use data for internet


Any ideas why EE would be far superior in the same venue?

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