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Netflix High Data Usage Standard HD (Not an O2 Issue)

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Just wondering if anybody else has noticed the high data usage when using Netflix Standard HD.

(Please note: This is not an O2 issue, just an observation of Netflix)

Having recently subscribed to Netlix with the Standard HD package I have watched several films and all works very well, but some films use more data that the maximum quoted by Netflix and a lot more than other streaming platforms.

Netflix states Standard HD as up to 3GB per hour, but yesterday I watched the film - Uncut Gems (135 Mins) and it used over 8GB when the absolute maximum at up to 3GB per hour should be 6.75GB.

I have noticed this discrepancy with every film I have watched in standard HD on Netflix, the max of 3GB per hour is already very high, and much higher than Amazon or the BBC iplayer HD rates without the extra usage of data.

You can of course drop the quality to medium, and data usage drops dramatically to about 0.7GB per hour with not a huge loss in quality (On a 32" TV) But that's not the point really.

Anybody else noticed this?


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This sounds like Netflix is set to maximum data usage in the App, where it can (and does) use upto 1Gb per 20 minutes of viewing.

UltraHD and 4K do use more and ive seen 4K top at 24Gb per hour 😞
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@madasaf1sh Hi and thanks for your response.

I am not using the Netflix App, I am streaming though a browser on a PC. The stated maximums on the Netflix settings page are: Standard HD - Up to 3GB Per Hour; Ultra HD - Up to 7GB Per Hour.

I don't have the Ultra HD package only the Standard HD package so streaming should use no more (and often less) than 3GB per hour.

Standard HD films are using approx 1GB per film over their own maximum stated rate every time. 

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Are you hotspotting from the phone?
Is anything else using data on the phone or computer?

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