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Mobile chipsets in the real world

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Ok. I have been reading some speculation about the new Exynos 2200 SoC chipset to be used in S22 series of handsets.


Apparently because it falls behind others in "industry standard" benchmarks it has been preannounced as a waste of silicon.


Being that I have used both Snapdragon and exynos chipsets I would say the difference is negligible. Unless you need 60 fps on a constant basis that is irrelevant.


I think the reliance of NPU and other AI focused processor components is what really makes the overall difference. Not sustained cycles of processing power. The optimisation of the software running the phone is probably makes it feel faster.


Synthetic benchmark are used to market and inventilorise sales before a product is released.. admittedly with Apple Bionic being more efficient for iOS. Who is to say the same or even better could be achieved by using a competitors silicon?


It is just synthetic meaningless numbers; buy for what you need and not what the naysayers are proclaiming.

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