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How to get 50% Discount on all O2 Airtime Tariffs

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1) Don't use the o2 live chat. It's advisors are full of copy/pasted information and are of no use if you want a real conversation. Pick up the phone and you'll get further!! Don't demand though, remember, no one gives discounts to rude people.


2) While i agree that o2 don't ever seem bothered by customer loyalty i fail to see why you are entitled to a discount? Always try and get one, but if push comes to shove and they say no.....tough titty!


3) If you're that fussed about it all, make an actual complaint or....switch!


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Look at the date this thread was started.
No way any network was going to give a discount on a new iPhone. You've got a chance now as in less than 3 months another new one will be out, but again, at launch, forget it.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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I am guessing you are in another contract by now! Please post if you got an amazing deal in the end, or at least one you feel happy with.
Everyone likes to feel appreciated and with so many providers around and so many options available, it seems to me the providers would bend over backwards to keep loyal customers. I just think that we, as consumers, have a duty to ourselves to shop around and find the best deal possible for the least amount of money. If any provider doesn't meet your needs, look for another one. Nearing the end of each contract, check out all available deals with each provider. If you are a loyal customer with a particular provider, make sure you speak to someone with the power to negotiate a better deal, as was advised by Gindygoo. If you aren't satisfied with negotiations, spend a little time looking for a better deal elsewhere. I think most people don't want the hassle of moving, porting their old number, etc. but sometimes you just have to put yourself out a bit to get better, and considering it is usually two long years you will be paying, it is best to make an effort to research everything available. Another policy I have is to always start out on a low tariff. Providers will always let you increase mid-contract, but never go lower!
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This sort of attitude really gets up my nose.


If you want the service from O2 then you take advantage of any promotions ,you pay the going rate or you go elsewhere. 


I shop at Asda and have done for almost thirty years. Do I get a ‘Loyalty discount’?


I buy Texaco petrol every month. Do I get a ‘Loyalty discount’ ? 


I subscribe to Sky and pay a nice fat bill every month. Do I get a ‘Loyalty discount’?


You want to leave O2 then you leave. You can try the other networks, they maybe better they maybe worse. But you can forget any ‘cash deal’ for an iPhone of any description. Too much demand, too little margain and none of the networks have any need or inclination to do so.



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Well this makes interesting feels like I've been transported into the Home for the Bewildered !!
"My life is a facsimile of a sham"
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