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How much sway do operators have over hardware design?

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I am aware that in terms of the phone and smartwatch manufacturers operators are by far their biggest accounts because of course you cannot access an operator's services without the hardware.


It does seem though that every phone is going for bigger and bigger screens and those of us that just want to stick with 5.2 inch are getting less and less choice.


So, are operators pushing for bigger screens or is this just something the manufacturers are doing because, let's face it, there's only so much innovation possible when a form factor is dictated by the screen.



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HI @Anonymous 


Read your post and this is the reason I wanted a larger screen.

I seem to be using my phone more and more like a computer

researching anwering emails etc.  I can sit down in the evening

and instead of sitting in front of my computer I use the phone.

The larger screen makes it easier ~ I like the larger screen ~

It is larger to carry around of course but this doesn't bother me.

I bought the Samsung Galaxy A70

I have a computer with

a 17" screen find that more useful too.

My thought is that "possibly" research has found a larger

screen when available is being bought?Thinking


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I guess it's more market force and that networks have no influence. I would think that more and more people want larger screens now. Especially the older generation such as myself and the younger users who like to show off.

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I think it's market forces too @Anonymous. The folding phone is an indicator that a larger screen is wanted and folding keeps the size down.
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I'm sure the marketing staff do their research.

I'm at the stage now where I use a large screen for comfort. It suits my declining eyesight and larger keyboards help arthritic fingers avoid spelling mistakes.

At the other end of the age spectrum, my grandson age 20, also prefers phones with larger screens. There is nothing wrong with his eyesight and he can knock out a message in seconds.

His Uni friends all appear to prefer phones with large screens. Better for streaming and watching videos.

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As people use their phones for more it follows that screens get bigger and with better resolutions - you can now get a 4k phone screen while a few years ago 720p was the standard.
This is so that the images are clearer, you can get more on the screen and the keyboard is larger as well.
But screens will only get bigger if people are creating the demand - how many iPhones did Apple get through before they increased the screen and now they do the + models!

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