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This post relates to my wife's phone and we wondered if it was just us or others have had a similar experience. Basically her phone an LG K4 purchased at a local O2 shop became unusable dropping calls and on occasion dialling other numbers mid call.  She took it back to the shop and grudgingly they posted it for repair.  It was returned with a request to remove the PIN. Fair enough, but why did the shop assistants not have a checklist to go through with the customer before it was sent? It was subsequently returned to the shop and sent again virtually factory rest. It is now being returned because my wife "failed" to contact the repair(?) centre. However she did try twice both times she sat for almost an hour waiting for an answer! A further call today finally got a response, but it was going nowhere until,she insisted that she had responded. To get to the point she was finally passed through to someone in the repair (?) centre who shortly after the conversation started stated they could not hear my wife. Just a few points, what is the point of asking someone to ring a number which is not answered/ignored? Why not take alternative contact details for a customer email, home phone? I would very much doubt that any 'repair' would be viable, so why cannot a replacement device be sent. As someone who has worked in the communications industry (for too many years!), I know the days of repairing anything but the most basic faults are not financially viable. It is easier to swap a device and reclaim precious metals etc. For a 'cheap' LG phone it is beyond belief that anyone would attempt a repair given it is not a known software issue? Also I am aware that 'I can't hear you' is a very old way of getting rid of someone on the phone. Maybe they were using an LG phone on the O2 network? 🙂

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O2 repairers have the worst rep at the best of times.
Better off contacting LG directly tbh.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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That's a big problem with O2's repairers and O2 will only exchange the phone to one of similar specs if it has been away for the same repair 3 times. I too would contact LG directly.


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Thank you for the advice. We now have the phone back again without any explanation. Why even bother offering a 'repair' service. Sadly it only reinforces my view as a business user that the move to another netowork and service provider was not only economically beneficial but also I now undertsand why the Service desk were pleased "to see the back of them".

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Thank you for taking the time to reply.  I will take your advice and try direct contact. Very disappointed that things were so non-customer focussed.

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