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Community next?

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So we have seen over the last month that Telefonica are cutting costs quite severely, in my opinion they are now out to make up the drastic shortfall in profits reduced very substantially by the new EU roaming legislation.

Three apps designed to save their customers' costs have now been withdrawn. It's surely no coincidence that this has happened barely three months after having to remove the throttling they have applied for years which they attempted to convince us was a temporary measure designed to alleviate the congestion caused by so many people now taking advantage of the roam like home features.

So what next? Priority? Or even the future of this very community? I'm sure the savings would be immense in salaries and rewards. 

Comment and discuss please and input from admin would be very welcome @Martin-O2 @MercedesS @Marjo

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@Chris_K wrote:


As for the Community... There's more chance of world peace than the O2 Community closing anytime soon. There are zero/no/nada/zilch discussions around closing this place. We see the O2 Community as a platform in the same way as Twitter/Facebook - it's a great place for folk to chit chat or look for help and support, and that's not something we'd want to throw away.

That's very interesting, other conversations to regulars paint a different picture I can tell you.

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The transition to vowifi and volte is one excuse. however, when you consider that such a small number of handset are supported it smacks of revenue generation.
No carphone warehouse customers will get the service unless they flash o2 firmware, luckily we have a guide.. oh wait.
Also those who chose not to refresh to new phones will not get the service as it seems only the most recent off Sony, Samsung and Apple are getting a look in at the moment.
So it's either.
Stop buying from carphone warehouse
And a new device 36 a month or more.
After doing the above you may get the services that ee has offered for years to all handsets with the capability.
Removing services with no replacement in place is not flexibility, in any meaning.
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