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Multi Card

Status: Not applicable
by MI5 on ‎15-01-2017 13:01

Replace the hopeless and never understood sharer tariffs with "Multicard".

A contract - so much more surfing fun

With the O 2 Multicard you get on selected tariffs one or more SIM cards to. Thanks to the flexible multi-SIM, you can simultaneously use your contract on multiple devices.

Time - with the Multicard

You will get an additional SIM card, eg for your tablet.

Phone with your smartphone and surf at the same time via your tablet, no matter where you are. The Multicard option allows you to use your contract on multiple devices.

It is aleady available and proven technology on O2-DE, so no reason to not allow it here and it is much more simple for customers and customer service to understand.


Status: Not applicable


Thank you for sharing your idea, which we have passed to the team that looks after new propositions. Their view is that a product like this doesn’t immediately fit with the business strategy, so they don’t see a multicard being offered any time soon. We will park this idea for the moment and check in the future if the time is right.

PAYG Top up options

Status: Not applicable
by MI5 on ‎17-08-2016 10:26

My suggestion is for a choice when topping up to choose between allowances or credit only. 

This would help customers who are travelling abroad who need credit for calling rather than allowances that can only be used in UK. 

When topping up online an option could be added to choose between "Bundle Allowances" or 'Credit Only"

Status: Not applicable

Hi guys,

while not a direct solution to this idea, we have recently released the brand new Pay As You Go tariff to help provide customers with ultimate control over their credit. Check out our announcement thread here for our new “Classic” tariff if you've not already: http://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Welcome-News/O2-launches-Classic-Pay-As-You-Go-today/m-p/1017788#M18905

Community App

Status: Not applicable
by jonsie on ‎18-08-2016 10:28

This is not a new idea. It's one which was suggested a few years ago and admin at the time were keen on implementing it. It never got off the ground unfortunately and no reasons were ever given as to why not.

I would like a standalone app, with notifications for messages, mentions, new threads, the possibilities are endless

Surely the infrastructure is already there ie. You can sign into the community via My O2 which I find a little cumbersome to be honest. I open My O2 purely to look at my account and charges.

I'm sure the extra traffic, extra new members and promoted via new contracts and in-box leaflets would be of benefit to both O2 and their customers...

Status: Not applicable

Hi guys, we’ve looked into the possibility of creating an O2 Community app but with the potential costs, time and resources involved, we feel we can achieve a similar result (a better experience on mobile devices) by focusing our efforts and attention on making improvements with the mobile version of the O2 Community. The team already have some ideas for where to start but we’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas and input at any time Smiley Happy

Request PAC via My O2

Status: Not applicable
by Cleoriff on ‎14-01-2017 09:28

I would like to suggest that we include PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) requests into My O2.

Currently members have to contact customer services which puts more pressure on that service.

We are able to request an unlock code via My O2 so I see no reason why we can't ask for our PAC via this route.

I think there is capacity to incorporate this service within My O2 and would welcome comments. 

Status: Not applicable


@Cleoriff Thanks for taking the time to post this idea! 


If a customer wants to leave O2 we would always like to speak to them about their decision to see what went wrong and where we can make improvements. This would not be possible if PAC codes were available through My O2. However, we are open to other suggestions on adding services to My O2. 

O2 Live Ordering System

Status: New
by Cleoriff on ‎11-12-2016 09:05

O2 must look at implementing a Live Stock Ordering system as soon as possible. Other retailers have this and it appears to be normal practice for online shopping. It would remove frustration of customers ordering any phone or device and waiting weeks for their order to be available.

People should not be paying for goods, or starting contracts on none available products.

To support this 'idea', I will mention that I buy 99% of goods online.

I use retailers such as Amazon, Argos, Tesco Direct, George.com, Game, JD Sports.

Some show out of stock immediately. Others show the number remaining in stock. Next (online) will tell you when goods are back in stock.

The important issue is, if an item is out of stock, I then have the choice of going elsewhere.

Terrorists attack,
Military perform coups,
Natural disasters strike.

O2 needs to lead above the others and say outright, if you are an O2 Customer, and you are in an seriously dangerous situation abroad, we will do what WE can to provide you, and your family the peace of mind that you are safe.
O2 world chat is not an option, in times of crisis you don't go thinking "ooh I'll download an app and prepay it using my card" it's not realistic, and it's not feasible if local communications are limited.
O2 travel is not a good enough service either, it's purpose is day to day use for tourists, not humans in perilous need.

O2 should make it POLICY that incidents abroad are not added to with huge bills where you have to call, text, facetime, Skype, Facebook or whatever needed, to let your family and friends know, "it's OK, I'm safe"
The cost to O2 is minimal on this, and should be a non issue to support your customers.
Peace of mind should NOT have a price.
Status: O2 already has this feature

With recent unfortunate incidents such as the terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Nice & Munich and natural disasters such as those witnessed with the Nepalese earthquakes and Asian tsunami, we’ve seen a few comments from you guys that we should do something in response to every such incident. We wanted to let you know that as a responsible company we’ll always seek to do what we can for our customers in times of need. Due to the sensitivity and complexity of some situations (for instance, incidents with political or religious ties or motives), we review every incident on a case by case basis to ensure we’re doing the right thing for our customers, in a responsible and ethical way.


With past incidents such as the Nepalese earthquakes, we helped support our customers with free calls to or from Nepal. With the recent attack at Ataturk Airport we actively monitored our network to ensure customers calling to/from had the smoothest network experience possible. We hope to never see another incident such as these but if we do, we assure you we will look into the situation swiftly and if we feel O2 can assist (in whichever way that may be) then we’ll always look to do all we can for the safety and wellbeing of our customers, as we have done in the past and will continue to do in the future.

Discounts for forum members.

Status: New
by MI5 on ‎06-09-2017 10:51

In addition to the regular O2 contract discount schemes https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Other-Products-and-Services/O2-Open-amp-Friends-and-Family-discounts-H...

how about a discount code specifically for forum members based of contributions to the forum?

Not only would this encourage more forum members to join, but would also encourage them to stay and in return, have a discount off their contracts.

A sliding scale could be applied similar to the Family Plan discounts:

Additional connectionDiscount
First20% off the Airtime Plan
Second30% off the Airtime Plan
Third40% off the Airtime Plan
Fourth to twentieth50% off the Airtime Plan/s

replacing the additional connections with either forum posts or ranks or some other cleaverly devised scoring system.


Forum PostsDiscount
500020% off the Airtime Plan
1000030% off the Airtime Plan
3000040% off the Airtime Plan
5000050% off the Airtime Plan/s

Can O2 to send their PAYG customers ANY form of notice for when their number is about to expire if they haven't made a qualifying call or top-up for 6 months?

Status: We're looking into this idea

Hi guys,

We're looking into this one and how we can implement it in some form. No concrete updates as such, but we'll update Smiley Happy.

As we often get complaints from customers who get disturbed overnight by notifications from O2, how about an option within MyO2 for those who want notifications on to be able to choose a time slot.

Say midnight to 8.00am, 8.00am to 12.00pm, 12.00pm to 6.00pm, 6.00pm to midnight?

That way, no one needs to be woken by a text that could have waited.

Status: We're working on this idea

Good news: this is now being worked on. Smiley Happy At the moment we are reviewing and analysing the feature and assessing complexity. Once we have more info, we'll let you know!

Tu for PAYG Customers.

Status: New
by MI5 on ‎17-01-2017 10:07

Following on from a question on the forum https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/TU-Go/TU-Go/m-p/1032319#M12405 a debate developed into the pro's and con's of allowing Tu on PAYG accounts.

In conclusion it was thought that a free service would be unfair (@jonsie) but a paid for service would be a good idea (@Cleoriff).

Finally we concluded that a Tu bolt on for PAYG would be the fairest solution, so our idea is a bolt on to allow PAYG users to use Tu for £5 a month.

Lost or Stolen My O2

Status: New
by jonsie on ‎14-01-2017 10:28

It seems you can do most things in My O2 these days. The idea has  been put forward to be able to get your PAC so to follow on from that, how about the ability to report your phone lost/stolen. 

I know you can call, staying through the IVR to the death,or by online form but how many customers know these things?

A link in My O2 makes sense especially as the department is open 24/7.

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned.


But with Vodafone, Tescos, BT and a few other providers, you can set you own things to block or not to block.


like premium rate numbers, receiving premium rate SMS, international calls, data useage and so on.


i can't do any of these manually with o2 and have to call,  but the best thing is that I don't even know what o2 have and what I can and can't block. 


Why is is there nothing on the web, app that we can make our own changes.


vodafone do have the best. But even Tescos have the basic which o2 don't.

alexa skill for TU go

Status: New
by choppl on ‎09-02-2017 13:22



I am a long standard o2 customer and have just discovered TU go. Very cool how it works.


As it is completely web based I am wondering whether it would be possible to create an amazon alexa skill which links to our account?


Everything is online, including contacts (which allows it to work with any browser). I think it would be cool to be able to send quick messages or even make a quick call using the echo and it seems a service such as TU go is tailor made for it.


I have looked into IFTTT but support seems to have dried up.


Just a post to gage interest really and to ask whether there is anything in the pipeline



O2 Chat transcripts should be available on myO2 (app or website)

Status: New
by pgn ‎12-08-2017 15:34 - edited ‎12-08-2017 15:35

I have had occasion to use the O2 "Contact Us" and the O2 Social Media Chat tools a few times recently (along with invaluable support from the O2 Community here, as well as the odd chat or interaction with the O2 Phone support system, both machine and human, on 202 or 0344 8090202).


One thing that I have noticed is that the option to e-mail a chat transcript at the end of a chat does not always work - yet it is clear that O2 have access to transcripts of these calls, judging by a response I received to an official complaint I made recently via one of the avenues mentioned in the O2 "make a complaint" link.


My idea: Make the Chat transcript between a customer and O2 Customer Support available on the O2 website in the customer's O2 account.


I have transcripts going back several years, buried in my mailbox - but there are also ones I have no record of, because the transcript failed to get to me.

20**Personal info** 15_28_29-O2 _ Contact Us _ Help, Support and Useful Numbers.png

I know that calls to the phone advisors via 202 are also recorded, and whilst it would be nice to get access to these call logs on the website, I am not sure if O2 would stretch to releasing their recordings ("may be used for training purposes") or a text-to-speech transcript thereof.


However, it would be nice to be able to see all the transcripts of your support calls in a section on MyO2, if only to fill the gap when the Chat session ends prematurely or the system responds with "system busy" when you key-in the e-mail address for the chat transcript at the end of the chat - and the chat transcript disappears into that big Internet BitBucket in the sky...


  • Would this be something others would find of value?

Go on - leave a bit of feedback, you know you want to - and you'll always be able to get to what you wrote here on the O2 Community! Feedback


Myo2 app

Status: We need more details
by lovemyphone on ‎23-09-2016 10:24

Make it fully functional as some of the app doesn't work for example the contact preferences page is always unavailable. It has been for the past few months. I have previously asked for this to be looked into & fixed but it hasn't 

Status: We need more details

Hi @lovemyphone thanks for posting your idea! Would you be able to provide us a little more info on what changes specifically you'd like to see? What OS and system are you accessing My O2 from?


Comments from other members are also welcome. Smiley Happy

Hi all:


Last week due to heavy usage, I received a warning notification and then an overage message for my O2 MBB hotspot (business), and you know what?  I had no way of knowing I was approaching my data allowance until i hit it, as I don't have, and won't have a PC with Flash on it.  And over the past 4 years I've been with O2 business, this hasn't improved one bit.


It's 2017, and  getting a simple usage tally on data and charges shouldn't require a degree in computer science and use of legacy technology that my devices don't support.


Can we please get a real, useful update on usable mobile access to businss account into?  I'm about to dump this account and go back to O2 consumer (with an app) or another provider.  We've waited too long for this basic capability.


Have a great day.





Guidelines with new PAYG Sims

Status: New
by gmarkj on ‎18-01-2017 08:35

Despite being one of the "junior" members on here, the number of times a PAYG customer comes on saying they can't top up online is ridiculous.

Every time the advice is that the first top up needs to be either a voucher or in an o2 store, but this notice is not included with the SIM or new phone.

In order to make customers lives easier, and presumably reduce the stress for call centres/live chat (as well as the customer) I suggest that this advice is included in the packaging for PAYG sims.

It would not cost that much to include a couple of lines of text stating this, which would far outweigh the time and cost for o2 call centres and live chat who have to answer this query.

Opt out third party payments

Status: New
by Guss1 on ‎21-10-2016 11:26
Why don't 02 have a opt in to third party payments instead of opt out, Then if you want to use this service if you want to.
This would stop nasty suprise charges on your account when you have accidentally pressed on something you didn't. Mean to.

Service Status webpage

Status: Not applicable
by Jonathan_K on ‎09-11-2016 11:11

I'm sure that this has been suggested before, but if so, nothing seems to have been done about it.


On the service status page currently, I am only shown that there is a mast problem in my area. Great, thanks, that explains why I've had no signal for two days. What would actually be useful is to have an indication, right there on the page, of when o2 expects to have this problem fixed.



Status: Not applicable

Hi guys, we try to be as forthcoming as we can with the status page and have recently improved it by including more info on scheduled maintenance. We try to include dates of fixes when we can, but as these dates can occasionally change due to unforseen factors, we would never want to create an expectation that we would not meet and frustrate customers further.

There is a large number of posts from people who cannot use data or have an issue with accessing the internet on new phones.

Most of these are down to the wrong data type being selected for them by whoever sets up the new connection. Again most of these are iPhones on a legacy Blackberry setting, but not always.

Is it possible to do one of two things - change the default to a blank so that something must be selected, or change it so that the handset type triggers an automatic change of data type.

I am not sure how much work would be involved behind the scenes to do this, but it would certainly reduce the number of people with issues.

If that is not possible, then certainly a refresher on how to set up the correct connection so that it is appropriate to the handset chosen by the customer.

Status: We're looking into this idea

Hi @gmarkj, thanks for the idea. We've noticed this occurring too, so the team are exploring options to minimise it and fully understand how it occurs. I cant provide precise details right now, but should be able to soon!