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A very serious issue is when new posters that do not realise this is an open forum and not o2 customer services, post mobile numbers and full names and sometimes account numbers  and email addresses etc .


Could o2 / lithium implement some sort of filter like the bad words filter i.e. A number that is the length of a mobile number or account number and email address format.


This would help protect peoples personal details and prevent them from spam or scams.


Your thoughts / backing welcomed 

Status: Idea put in place

Hi guys! We have now implemented a few automatic filters! Thanks for the idea and all your comments. Smiley Happy

Filters put in place that should display **Personal info** from now on include:

  • Personal email addresses
  • Mobile phone numbers (currently only those written in a certain way - bear with us as we fine-tune these!)
  • Bank codes
  • Credit card numbers


Action Fraud THREAD

Status: Idea put in place
by Cleoriff on ‎19-07-2016 15:13

*Many of us subscribe to the Action Fraud website. http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ 

When new fraud alerts are published, currently we post these as an individual (new) topic.


* I wonder whether it would be an improvement to have a dedicated Action Fraud Thread instead?


* This way people could visit the thread instead of searching the forum


* I think it would be more cost effective use of resources


Status: Idea put in place

We now have a sticky'd thread for Action Fraud news and info:



Great idea!