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As we often get complaints from customers who get disturbed overnight by notifications from O2, how about an option within MyO2 for those who want notifications on to be able to choose a time slot.

Say midnight to 8.00am, 8.00am to 12.00pm, 12.00pm to 6.00pm, 6.00pm to midnight?

That way, no one needs to be woken by a text that could have waited.

Status: We're working on this idea

Good news: this is now being worked on. Smiley Happy At the moment we are reviewing and analysing the feature and assessing complexity. Once we have more info, we'll let you know!

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Date posted info should be visible in Ideas board

Status: We're working on this idea
by WispaRed7 on ‎23-04-2017 07:50 - last edited on ‎27-04-2017 09:42 by Community Manager

It would help me greatly as the following:

after the op's username there is the word 'on' but no date ... only subject title which is obviously necessary

my working background is office work eg reception / clerk / typing / entering computer data

I scroll down into the commets section of the topic to see if I havn't read it before & it really really needs the op date in the title imhho

I'm not nit-picking ... but ... to me it makes a sensible general 'letter layout = heading' type of comment

thank you 

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It would be good to give business customers some of the same tools as consumers so that we know what we do or do have left - including data, minutes, sms etc.  The billing site is not very user friendly and offers data in KB, not MB or GB.


Please - give us something we can use too!

Status: We're working on this idea

Hi guys,

Quick update, this is still being worked on and once we have an update, so will you. Thanks!