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Can O2 to send their PAYG customers ANY form of notice for when their number is about to expire if they haven't made a qualifying call or top-up for 6 months?

Status: We're looking into this idea

Hi guys,

We're looking into this one and how we can implement it in some form. No concrete updates as such, but we'll update Smiley Happy.

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned.


But with Vodafone, Tescos, BT and a few other providers, you can set you own things to block or not to block.


like premium rate numbers, receiving premium rate SMS, international calls, data useage and so on.


i can't do any of these manually with o2 and have to call,  but the best thing is that I don't even know what o2 have and what I can and can't block. 


Why is is there nothing on the web, app that we can make our own changes.


vodafone do have the best. But even Tescos have the basic which o2 don't.

There is a large number of posts from people who cannot use data or have an issue with accessing the internet on new phones.

Most of these are down to the wrong data type being selected for them by whoever sets up the new connection. Again most of these are iPhones on a legacy Blackberry setting, but not always.

Is it possible to do one of two things - change the default to a blank so that something must be selected, or change it so that the handset type triggers an automatic change of data type.

I am not sure how much work would be involved behind the scenes to do this, but it would certainly reduce the number of people with issues.

If that is not possible, then certainly a refresher on how to set up the correct connection so that it is appropriate to the handset chosen by the customer.

Status: We're looking into this idea

Hi @gmarkj, thanks for the idea. We've noticed this occurring too, so the team are exploring options to minimise it and fully understand how it occurs. I cant provide precise details right now, but should be able to soon!

Good afternoon, 


On another similar forum, there is a "Notification Centre" function. This enables users to get notifications of replies, @mentions, kudos etc all from the forum all in one place! 


If this were added to this forum it would help users keep track of replies to posts in various sections of the forums.