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Terrorists attack,
Military perform coups,
Natural disasters strike.

O2 needs to lead above the others and say outright, if you are an O2 Customer, and you are in an seriously dangerous situation abroad, we will do what WE can to provide you, and your family the peace of mind that you are safe.
O2 world chat is not an option, in times of crisis you don't go thinking "ooh I'll download an app and prepay it using my card" it's not realistic, and it's not feasible if local communications are limited.
O2 travel is not a good enough service either, it's purpose is day to day use for tourists, not humans in perilous need.

O2 should make it POLICY that incidents abroad are not added to with huge bills where you have to call, text, facetime, Skype, Facebook or whatever needed, to let your family and friends know, "it's OK, I'm safe"
The cost to O2 is minimal on this, and should be a non issue to support your customers.
Peace of mind should NOT have a price.
Status: O2 already has this feature

With recent unfortunate incidents such as the terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Nice & Munich and natural disasters such as those witnessed with the Nepalese earthquakes and Asian tsunami, we’ve seen a few comments from you guys that we should do something in response to every such incident. We wanted to let you know that as a responsible company we’ll always seek to do what we can for our customers in times of need. Due to the sensitivity and complexity of some situations (for instance, incidents with political or religious ties or motives), we review every incident on a case by case basis to ensure we’re doing the right thing for our customers, in a responsible and ethical way.


With past incidents such as the Nepalese earthquakes, we helped support our customers with free calls to or from Nepal. With the recent attack at Ataturk Airport we actively monitored our network to ensure customers calling to/from had the smoothest network experience possible. We hope to never see another incident such as these but if we do, we assure you we will look into the situation swiftly and if we feel O2 can assist (in whichever way that may be) then we’ll always look to do all we can for the safety and wellbeing of our customers, as we have done in the past and will continue to do in the future.

I've seen it mentioned a few times on here in different threads/reviews, so thought I'd suggest it and see how many others have similar thoughts. Smiley Happy


Lots of data enabled tablets sold by O2 have built in functionality to enable calls and SMS to be sent/received, however they're sold on data only tariffs meaning you're not able to make use of these functions.

I fairly recently bought the Xperia Z4 tablet following some fantastic recommendations on here, and it would be great if I could have the option to use it for calls/SMS on occassion. Don't worry, I'm not thinking of walking down the street with a tablet to my ear, haha, however it would be fantastic for conference calls and also quick message exchanges.


Unfortunately the data tariff doesn't even allow calls/SMS at standard rates (not that it would be a massive improvement if it did, due to the cost) therefore it would really help if either standard tariff's or even bolt-on's were available for tablet contracts to add this extra functionality. 


What do you guys reckon? 

Status: O2 already has this feature

Tablet & mobile broadband SIMs come with 100 SMS which is included mainly for validation/verification where required, but can be used as a normal SMS if required. Cellular versions of many tablets don’t support voice calls over a typical mobile network, which is why we don’t have a voice allowance on these SIMs. You can still make calls via popular apps such as Skype, WhatsApp and Facetime – these use whatever data connection is available, whether that’s Wifi or your monthly data allowance.


Check here for all our tablet & mobile broadband SIMs:https://www.o2.co.uk/shop/sim-cards/sim-only-deals/#/sims/tariffs?deviceType=tablet&contractLength=P...

As other apps are available to monitor network availability etc like open signal and root metrics.


O2 could implement real time network availability by crowd sourcing many data points in real time spotting when the network falls over in one area or areas etc .


If o2 sought the consent of my network app users to source the data and in return any data consumed did not count to users usage o2 could quickly spot areas of congestion / network failure and also spot areas the coverage is also better than the prediction maps and use that to also build better mapping of the network.




This could benefit users of the network by improved coverage maps and help the network team identify areas that are needing urgent attention based on the number of users actually seeing the issues.


Obviously the cost to implement this within the app should far outweigh the benefit. Only a few data points need to be recorded etc.



Just an idea

Status: O2 already has this feature

Hey Adam, thanks for your suggestion. With what you’ve proposed, we actually already do this but using different methods from what you proposed. With our network monitoring and analysis tools and our network team, we’re actively able to monitor for sudden changes to service in an area and can then engage our engineers to look into the area immediately. We’re also able to monitor and analyse changes in service over a longer period of time and this is again something the team look into, to identify causes and/or resolutions. As coverage can change in an area over time, our team also work to update our coverage maps with the most up-to-date coverage predictions available.

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Status: O2 already has this feature
by Jamietaylor2392 on ‎29-05-2017 13:53
Random idea, may have already been thought of BUT.....

At the end of a contract term, why not recall the handset and refurbish or recycle it?

Customers upgrading handsets can trade there's in on a new for old basis. Could even give them discounts/promotions based on the condition of the handset?
Status: O2 already has this feature


Hi @Jamietaylor2392 


A great idea but as mentioned above O2 already run a recycle program called O2 Recycle. You can find details of this program here 


Thanks for taking the time to post your idea though Smiley Wink