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Multi Card

Status: Not applicable
by MI5 on ‎15-01-2017 13:01

Replace the hopeless and never understood sharer tariffs with "Multicard".

A contract - so much more surfing fun

With the O 2 Multicard you get on selected tariffs one or more SIM cards to. Thanks to the flexible multi-SIM, you can simultaneously use your contract on multiple devices.

Time - with the Multicard

You will get an additional SIM card, eg for your tablet.

Phone with your smartphone and surf at the same time via your tablet, no matter where you are. The Multicard option allows you to use your contract on multiple devices.

It is aleady available and proven technology on O2-DE, so no reason to not allow it here and it is much more simple for customers and customer service to understand.


Status: Not applicable


Thank you for sharing your idea, which we have passed to the team that looks after new propositions. Their view is that a product like this doesn’t immediately fit with the business strategy, so they don’t see a multicard being offered any time soon. We will park this idea for the moment and check in the future if the time is right.

Request PAC via My O2

Status: Not applicable
by Cleoriff on ‎14-01-2017 09:28

I would like to suggest that we include PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) requests into My O2.

Currently members have to contact customer services which puts more pressure on that service.

We are able to request an unlock code via My O2 so I see no reason why we can't ask for our PAC via this route.

I think there is capacity to incorporate this service within My O2 and would welcome comments. 

Status: Not applicable


@Cleoriff Thanks for taking the time to post this idea! 


If a customer wants to leave O2 we would always like to speak to them about their decision to see what went wrong and where we can make improvements. This would not be possible if PAC codes were available through My O2. However, we are open to other suggestions on adding services to My O2. 

PAYG Top up options

Status: Not applicable
by MI5 on ‎17-08-2016 10:26

My suggestion is for a choice when topping up to choose between allowances or credit only. 

This would help customers who are travelling abroad who need credit for calling rather than allowances that can only be used in UK. 

When topping up online an option could be added to choose between "Bundle Allowances" or 'Credit Only"

Status: Not applicable

Hi guys,

while not a direct solution to this idea, we have recently released the brand new Pay As You Go tariff to help provide customers with ultimate control over their credit. Check out our announcement thread here for our new “Classic” tariff if you've not already: http://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Welcome-News/O2-launches-Classic-Pay-As-You-Go-today/m-p/1017788#M18905

Community App

Status: Not applicable
by jonsie on ‎18-08-2016 10:28

This is not a new idea. It's one which was suggested a few years ago and admin at the time were keen on implementing it. It never got off the ground unfortunately and no reasons were ever given as to why not.

I would like a standalone app, with notifications for messages, mentions, new threads, the possibilities are endless

Surely the infrastructure is already there ie. You can sign into the community via My O2 which I find a little cumbersome to be honest. I open My O2 purely to look at my account and charges.

I'm sure the extra traffic, extra new members and promoted via new contracts and in-box leaflets would be of benefit to both O2 and their customers...

Status: Not applicable

Hi guys, we’ve looked into the possibility of creating an O2 Community app but with the potential costs, time and resources involved, we feel we can achieve a similar result (a better experience on mobile devices) by focusing our efforts and attention on making improvements with the mobile version of the O2 Community. The team already have some ideas for where to start but we’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas and input at any time Smiley Happy

Service Status webpage

Status: Not applicable
by Jonathan_K on ‎09-11-2016 11:11

I'm sure that this has been suggested before, but if so, nothing seems to have been done about it.


On the service status page currently, I am only shown that there is a mast problem in my area. Great, thanks, that explains why I've had no signal for two days. What would actually be useful is to have an indication, right there on the page, of when o2 expects to have this problem fixed.



Status: Not applicable

Hi guys, we try to be as forthcoming as we can with the status page and have recently improved it by including more info on scheduled maintenance. We try to include dates of fixes when we can, but as these dates can occasionally change due to unforseen factors, we would never want to create an expectation that we would not meet and frustrate customers further.

Capped Plans

Status: Not applicable
by Curr946 on ‎19-07-2016 17:15

I know this might not appeal to everyone, but I really think capped plans is a great idea. And i really like the approach tesco mobile has taken where by you can select a buffer, say £5 all the way up to £150 I think.


Here is why it would benefit customers:


1) Less bill shocks

2) Less defaulted accounts

3) More choice and better competition


Here is why i think it would benefit O2:


1) Less complaints related to bill shock

2) Less defaulted accounts (yes it is a win win)

3) Increase in customers (depending on plan cost)


Costing, well this would be system dependant, but if tesco can do it... Their network runs via o2, and most likely on a cloned sandbox system, so it should cost the earth.


Status: Not applicable


Thanks again for your idea. This isn’t something we’re currently looking into, though we are exploring other options to help limit any potential bill shocks or over-spending, which we hope will enhance our customers’ experience. If or when we can share more on this (as it’s still in the initial stages), we’ll let you know.

Roaming Assistance in My O2

Status: Not applicable
by jonsie on ‎19-07-2016 16:29

Many customers get caught out when roaming near bordering countries. Unless you physically choose manual selection and select the network, it is easy to stray onto a bordering country or maritime network where charges for using your phone can be quite different from the charges you are expecting.

An indication in My O2 of the country and network you are connected to and the relevant charges for that country or network would be of benefit to those customers overseas.

Airline and ferry charges can be quite horrendous if you aren't aware.

Status: Not applicable

Hi guys,

Interesting idea! After much discussion, we've come to a conclusion. We currently provide a text notification when customers travel abroad which we believe is a more efficient and consistent notification method, than via a notification in the My O2 app. With text updates, we can ensure all customers receive these regardless of whether they have data roaming turned off, or if they don’t use the My O2 app. Thanks very much for this idea @jonsie!

Home dashboard `What you have left'

Status: Not applicable
by djomanchester ‎19-07-2016 15:09 - edited ‎19-07-2016 15:15

Home dashboard `What you have left'


Two things...


1/.  It would be really useful to know how many days you have left each month before your next bungle of minutes, texts and data starts. Not just the date when the next bundle starts. The days left.



2/. In addition it would be really useful to have the data used on average per day and the average data left per day until next bundle kicks in. This will help you manage data usage more efficiently whether running low or have unused data.




20GB allowance 30 days (contracted)


  • 15 GB used 17 days = average used 0.88GB/day
  • 5 GB left 13 days = average left 0.38GB/day


It is a very easy simple tool that lets you know if you need to reduce data consumption on average per day or you will exceed your monthly allowance, or you may decide you need this month to buy an add on.


In the example it could be the other way around where you plenty data left and think hey I'll watch a bit of TV to make the most of what I have paid to the lovely people at O2.


Texts and minutes less important as data is where you get hit most on additional cost



Hope this helps 

Status: Not applicable

Thanks for your idea @djomanchester, however at the moment we feel the development work required for your proposed change could be better spent on other systems or services, so this isn’t something we’re currently looking to implement. However, with the information we currently provide, we feel this should give an accurate account of how much data you have left, how long you have left to use it – and ultimately allowing you to effectively manage your data allowance each month.

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Delete function

Status: Not applicable
by lovemyphone on ‎20-05-2017 22:45

Can we have a delete post option added as sometimes people may have already posted what you were going to post before or if you get something wrong instead of just being allowed to edit the post

Status: Not applicable


Hi @lovemyphone,


Whilst this is a great idea in principle I have to echo the above posts. We need to keep a record of any moderation actions we take on the O2 community and allowing members to permanently delete posts would prevent this. 


The community team can remove posts on request of the poster though so if the is ever anything you want removed you can use the report function to alert a member of staff. 

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Please supply CAT Phones

Status: Not applicable
by MetalMania on ‎11-12-2016 21:48

PLEASE can o2 start supplying CAT phones!


I am well past my upgrade date on 02 refresh and while my HTC one mini does what I what, I would really love a CAT S60 phone, there just isn't anything out there that interests me or tempts me to fork out for extra device cost apart from the CAT range. I think 02 are missing out on the likes of the trades people who really need this kind of phone.

Some of the CAT phones might also appeal to parents who are sick of buying another phone for their kids because they are water damaged or have been dropped and the screen has cracked every 6 months.


Status: Not applicable

Thanks for your idea and request. We can see why some may be interested in these CAT phones – especially if you’re the outdoors-y type and need something rugged. We don’t currently have any plans to range these particular devices we’re afraid. Without going into too much detail, there’s a balance we must take to stock the right selection of devices, and in the right quantities so as to fulfil demand. In a nutshell, we look to range the best selection of devices, rather than the largest.

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Buy and Sell Section

Status: Not applicable
by Curr946 on ‎09-11-2016 08:50

Perhaps the forum could have a buy and sell section for verified members. (Those of us who have registered with pay monthly accounts.) Just an idea.

Status: Not applicable

Hi Curr946! Thanks for your idea! This one is not for us at this time though even though it is an interesting idea (keep them coming!). It's nice to hear that you're interested in buying/selling devices with other community members. Smiley Happy There are, however, many other websites that are specifically meant for buying and selling, and as such, are much more appropriate for those purposes than our community forum platform, both technically and in terms of security and privacy, for example.

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Hi all,


I'm sure someone has already come up with this idea, but I'll post it anyway.


So I was just curious and checked how much the contracts for the new iPhones were and they are EXPENSIVE. The overall monthly contract costs are really getting stupid now. 


But I hope I have an idea that could get rid of that. You decide yourself how much your upfront fee is!


Now I know some people will obviously say 'Well, most people would think they could pay something really low like £10.' There would obviously be a minimum upfront fee of say £60-100, but wouldn't it be nice if you could choose how much you wanted to pay so your contract so it could at least be a lot cheaper than a fixed upfront fee?


Some people have the money to splash some more money than O2 thinks they would have when they're upgrading to a new phone, and this could help with customers know that they can choose how much they pay for their upfront fee, knowing the more they pay, the cheaper the contract would be.

Status: Not applicable

Hi @sillyrootee,

Unfortunately, this idea is not one that we will look into at the moment. However, if it attracts more votes/kudos as time goes, we will take another look Smiley Happy.

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I have the O2 Travel bolt-on enabled for my phone and it is very useful when abroad where WiFi is unavailable.

However there is no notification when it has been activated by a user action, which I inadvertently did recently by replying to a text while in Holland, which means the full benefits will not be used, it was my most expensive text yet!

My suggestion: A SMS text notification whenever the O2 Travel bolt-on has been activated and the amount that will be charged to the user's account.

Status: Not applicable

Hi @PhillBJ,

At the moment, this idea is not one we will explore, as we try to ensure we display as much info on Travel charges as possible and this process would potentially be affected by where in the world you are. However, the team is always exploring further ways to make things clearer and if I have any updates linked to this, I shall update everyone! Please do post any other ideas you have!

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Fix this section of the community.

Status: Not applicable
by MI5 on ‎10-08-2016 19:00

A tongue in cheek suggestion, but this section is broken from a forum navigation perspective.

1 - The quote function doesn't work.

2 - You don't get taken to the last post in the thread (always takes you to the 1st post.

I've tried this on Chrome on both mobile and PC and this is the only section where this happens.

Status: Not applicable

Hi @MI5, Please head to our forum issues thread to discuss things like this, as its not really an idea, more of an issue we can look into fixing or improving. A new community feature would be a valid idea, or one that needs to be completely reformed Smiley Happy.

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Pokemon Go Data

Status: Not applicable
by Rydema on ‎10-08-2016 11:16



So as everyone may/not be aware, T-Mobile USA are offering their customers Free Unlimited data to Pokemon Go for a year.


Now as I am aware no phone company in the UK is doing anything like this. Potentially you could draw in new customers if O2 was to say offer the same thing!


People like myself would be word of mouth recommending o2 left right and center if we had this!


Just throwing that one out there (No pun intended)

Status: Not applicable

Hi guys, we've had some more discussions on this topic. Zero rating Pokemon Go data usage isn’t something we’re looking to implement, but we are exploring different ways of making your data experience even better for the apps and services you use the most, so keep your eyes peeled for any info we may have on this in the future.


Hopefully it was something you saw and got involved with, but we also very recently dedicated an entire day to Pokemon Go via our O2 Twitter & Facebook feeds where we put lures out near O2 stores across the country and even had loads of prizes to give away. We don’t think this is something anyone else has done for Pokemon Go, so we’d love to provide other great experiences like this in the future that you won’t find elsewhere.