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TU go and screen readers

Status: New
by PeterS198 on ‎08-07-2017 22:26

This is a request/plea to your program developers:

My brother is blind and uses a screen reader (JAWS) to navigate round his Windows PC, and Voice-over to navigate round his iPhone.

Composing a text message on an iPhone is possible, but labourious, particularly if it needs editing.

TU go would seem the perfect answer. He could either compose his message on the web page, or use his favourite text editor then copy/paste it into the message section on the Tu go site.

There is, however one massive drawback in that the web page is almost completely inaccessible to him via his screen reader in that tabbing round the buttons on the button-bar, all he hears is "Button Menu collapsed" for each and every button. There is nothing to tell him which button he is on! Tool tips do not work with screen readers as tool-tips are triggered by the mouse position whereas navigation with a screen reader is done via the keyboard.

I am not a HTML expert, but I m sure something can be added to the code to make it accessible by screen readers.

I urge you to look into this for his sake and tor all the others who have to rely on assistive technology

by MI5
on ‎08-07-2017 22:33
@Martin-O2 can you help?
by Community Manager
on ‎10-07-2017 13:39

@MI5 @PeterS198 Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've passed this idea over to the TU team. I'll update this thread once we hear back. Smiley Wink

by PeterS198
on ‎10-07-2017 18:40

@MI5@Martin-O2Thank You.

by PeterS198
on ‎25-07-2017 19:50

@Martin-O2@MI5Have you heard anything back from the TU team yet?

I have been looking at the HTML, and see that you use ARIA which is specifically designed for use with assistive technology, which is a good start, however you are not using it to it's full potential!

For a starter you can easily make the buttons identifiable to a screen reader by using the tag 'aria-label = "some-text"'

for example, for the new message button you need to add 'aria-label = "Compose New Message" such that the statement now reads:

<button type="button" class="toolbar-button navigation-message-composer dropdown-toggle" dropdown-toggle="" ng-click="onToolbarButton()" ng-disabled="disabled" tooltip="New message" tooltip-enable="!status.isopen" aria-haspopup="true" aria-expanded="false" aria-label = "Compose New Message">
        <i data-icon="navigation-message"></i>

With the statement modified so, the screen reader speaks "Compose New Message Button"

I expect there will bemore work to do to make the page totally accessible but I hope this can be a starter and act as a prompt for you to start work on making TU go accessible



by MI5
on ‎25-07-2017 20:13

No sorry, still waiting for a response from o2. 

Should be easy now you've done the work for them though. Smiley Wink