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Support for more than one number in TuGo app?

Status: New
by Starman2 on ‎14-04-2017 09:36

Hi - I have two O2 contracts - one personal and one for work.  When I travel abroad I use TuGo on both phones.  It would be really cool if I could leave my personal phone at home when I travel and access both numbers through TuGo on my work phone.  Is that something that could be added?

by MI5
on ‎14-04-2017 09:55

Sounds like a good idea. 

by jonsie
on ‎15-04-2017 15:42

Great idea and I would have thought easy to implement. 

by Community Manager
on ‎19-04-2017 15:31

Would anyone else have any comments on this one? Smiley Happy Thanks @Starman2 for posting your idea!