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O2 Needs a place to report out of date website pages and info

Status: New
by adamtemp64 on ‎09-08-2017 08:57

O2 a leading communications provider should implement a feedback form on the website to report missing / old / inaccurate information and conflicting old pages that appear in search results.


For many years things have been fed back to o2 but little seams to change.


An example at the moment if you search for the o2 KFI document this is returned

kfi 09082017.JPG

But the T&C direct you here https://www.o2.co.uk/sites/default/files/2017-07/traffic_management.pdf

Why place a revised document in a different place rather than the standard file location .


This is just one pertinent issue many more exist, as customers we need an easy way to feedback the errors we see as we browse

by adamtemp64
on ‎16-08-2017 16:22

works for me @MercedesS but will need to be a sticky thread  in feedback section .

on ‎16-08-2017 16:26

Better than nothing... Good Idea

by adamtemp64
on ‎16-08-2017 17:18

@MercedesS shal I create a thread for you to sticky ?


on ‎16-08-2017 17:22

Thanks @adamtemp64, it is better if we do because we will like to keep it updated it. 

But, can you leave it with me for a day or two? Thanks!

by pgn
on ‎16-08-2017 20:12

Handshake Sounds like a move in the right direction to me - a sticky thread with a first post outlining what info to include in a post: The URL, what's wrong with it (dead link or throws error), at a minimum.