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O2 Broadband? ... = ... newly set-up?

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by WispaRed7 on ‎14-09-2017 00:10

Will you please consider setting up a board for the above mentioned?

Historically, I was dismayed when then @Toby deleted all 'stuff' regarding such threads to do with this

It would be quite some time ago now ... = ... not long after I came across O2 Community at about the time of 'the migration' ... = ... if memory serves as it should ... but ... not often does enough to my liking upside down

by lovemyphone
on ‎14-09-2017 00:13

@WispaRed7 No need to as O2 broadband doesn’t exist anymore 

by WispaRed7
on ‎14-09-2017 00:32


I was told by Sky recently that O2 have newly gone back into this 'service' ... but ... just arn't advertising it at the moment

I'll see if I can get confirmation about this, one way or another, when my brain is functioning better, at a more suitable time of day Smiley Wink


@Martin-O2 @Marjo @MercedesS ... what comment(s) do you have to make?

by Glory1
‎14-09-2017 02:25 - edited ‎14-09-2017 02:28

That's interesting @lovemyphone.

O2 are still providing mobile broadband as I have a contract with them for 20gb per month for a 24 month period.

So presumably what you're saying @lovemyphone is O2 no longer provide 'home' broadband. Didn't know that.

When I renewed my mobile broadband contract October last year, increasing my data from 8gb to 20gb, the advisor I spoke to mentioned a special offer for 'home' broadband whereby installation would be free. I wasn't interested as I neither have nor want a landline.

Of course, the advisor I spoke to at the time could have given me incorrect information. It does happen 😆

by Cleoriff
‎14-09-2017 07:03 - edited ‎14-09-2017 07:05

O2 sold it's Home broadband to Sky in 2013.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-21627614 It does provide mobile broadband as stated. A thread here posted in February of this year

https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Other-Products-Services/Does-o2-do-home-phone-and-broadband/td-p/10414...  Unless there have been any changes recently, it's still the same as far as I am aware...?

by WispaRed7
on ‎14-09-2017 08:55

@Cleoriff ... thank you for the links you posted 

In one of them @adamtemp64 says the service is only now available to Business Customers

I can only quote what the very nice Sky customer service operator said to me recently when I contacted Sky to help me to reduce my monthly payments (with expert help from The Community Family) ... as it happens my monthly payments were reduced by about half, & I entered into a new contract with Sky for tv / internet provider ... = ... it was then the very nice operative told me the news about O2 going into providing / having an internet service ... but ... 'were not advertising it' at the moment rainbow

by Beenherebefore
on ‎14-09-2017 08:59

The only way that might happen is if Sky bought O2 from Telefonica Shocked

by Glory1
on ‎14-09-2017 09:54
Rupert Murdoch is having enough problems trying to buy the balance of Sky. And if Murdoch is successful, I don't think the Regulator would then permit a Murdoch-owned Sky to buy Telefonica.

That's just my opinion and I could be wrong. God forbid Murdoch was successful in his bid to own Sky and then bought Telefonica 😣
by Beenherebefore
on ‎14-09-2017 10:00

Not Telefonica !!.......just O2 UK.......same as 3 tried to do.


Sky already use the O2 mobile network.


I'm the conspiracy theory King on here Bouncy
by Glory1
on ‎14-09-2017 10:09
Sorry @Beenherebefore misread your post. Little sleep and really need to go back to bed 😪

Would still be horrified if a Murdoch-owned Sky bought O2 from Telefonica.

You wear your crown well @Beenherebefore 😄