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Lost or Stolen My O2

Status: New
by jonsie on ‎14-01-2017 10:28

It seems you can do most things in My O2 these days. The idea has  been put forward to be able to get your PAC so to follow on from that, how about the ability to report your phone lost/stolen. 

I know you can call, staying through the IVR to the death,or by online form but how many customers know these things?

A link in My O2 makes sense especially as the department is open 24/7.

by Cleoriff
on ‎14-01-2017 10:52

This seems a good idea @jonsie as long as people have access to another device in order to log in to My O2.

My only concern would be how quickly the lost and stolen message would be picked up if the importance is speed of reporting...?

by lovemyphone
on ‎14-01-2017 10:58

Couldn't they have a sub section within the within the app for these things 

by jonsie
on ‎14-01-2017 11:03

Lost/stolen are 24/7 so links would be monitored at all times. Most people have access to a PC as well as a phone but obviously if you are away from home you need to call. However, in that scenario the IVR needs to be changed so it's one of the first options rather than the last. This has also been suggested many many months ago.

by jonsie
on ‎14-01-2017 11:06

My O2 is one of the best apps O2 have but as is the norm these days, apps progress and adapt to our needs. Why not make it omni-functional for all customer needs....

by Cleoriff
on ‎14-01-2017 11:13

If the Lost/ Stolen links are monitored 24/7 that would be reassuring. As a side issue I totally support lost and stolen being one of the FIRST options when customers call. I am sure they are stressed enough without having to hang on the phone waiting for that option to be mentioned. ...

by jonsie
on ‎14-01-2017 11:20

Many people give up and come to the community saying that lost/stolen are closed. They aren't. 5 minutes of IVR telling them to go online or to My O2 with no mention of reporting your phone lost. Terrible and yes, people are stressed enough losing their phone and panicking when they can't get through on the phone.

We know, but it's simply because we are community members but some one who isn't hasn't a clue.

A link on the main page would help ALL customers. 

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