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broadband speeds

My broadband speeds keep dropping.  We expect 30+ mbs but sometimes it drops right down to 2mbs.  O2 say there is no problem with the line.  We have a new router and we have done a factory reset  subsequently but it keeps dropping out.   The router is wired into the master socket, the computer is connected by ethernet cable not wifi.  Any ideas?  TIA.

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Re: broadband speeds


The figures quoted are always estimated, as there are so many variables such as:

Distance from exchange
Quality of then line between the Exchange and your property.
Check the quality of the Ethernet Cable and try a Cat6 cable or 5e

I would expect o2 to pass it out to Openreach to check the connection, and its them that will say if there is a problem or not im afraid, as Openreach are responsible for the connection between the exchange and your premises

Also check the Master Socket and any filters.
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Re: broadband speeds

You've taken the first step which is ruling out WiFi problems, so well done for that.


In terms of speed fluctuations, this can be a challenge because most home/business broadband services are contended which means that speeds can be adversely impacted by other users either at network level or locally. This tends to be exacerbated at peak times.


However, I've seen plenty of isolated broadband issues over the years, for example:


- A site that had intermittent and horrible broadband disconnections and audible noise on the line intermittently. Turned out to be electrical interference from a huge construction project over the road.


- I personally had a similar issue (sometimes down to 1mbps) that actually turned out to be a BT Wholesale capacity problem. After six engineer visits and an escalation, I spoke to someone that managed to test 70mbps round trip to the final openreach switch in the exchange (but I was getting 14mbps to the wider internet) so it was diagnosed as a BT wholesale failing.


The problem that appears to be occurring here is that O2 are showing no line problems, and they don't want to send an engineer out in case openreach draw a blank and you/they get charged.


What you need to do is collate screenshots of speed tests at different times of day to try and clarify if this is a contention issue. Take screenshots. How is it at 9AM? (business log-on). How about 3-4pm? (kids get home and hammer youtube). What about 11pm when usage has died down?


If you spot a pattern here, great.


What you may also wish to do is remove all items plugged in to extension sockets, other phones in the house etc and just try with your router to see if you are getting any intermittent intereference locally.


Finally, with everything disconnected (including your broadband router) try and plug in a good old fashioned corded phone and listen. Can you hear any noise, crackling, blips on the line?


I appreciate that not everyone is a networking engineer so it's hard to talk someone through engineer diagnostics but these are the kind of things that I would be trying if I was onsite.


If you can at least evidence a pattern or 'specific' problem then at least O2 should have something to go with.


I hope this helps...