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I bought an iphone SE at an airport lost and found auction and when I got home found it to be blacklisted, can this be removed?

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Re: test

As far as I know, no.
The phone belongs to the insurance company that paid out on the loss.
Not sure how you would go about resolving this...
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Re: test


It can't be resolved. Unless you get in touch with the people who ran the Airport auction and ask for a refund.


Pretty stupid of any airport to include mobiles in auctions actually. The first thing anyone would do on losing a phone, would be to ring their insurance company who would block the phone immediately.


If it's a UK airport you may want to raise that point.

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Re: test

A lesson learned, @Paul2019. Hopefully not an expensive one. You should take the advice of @Cleoriff and go back to the airport auction sellers, if you can.

In future, the best place to get a used phone is from bona fide recycle companies, like CEX. You're more likely to get what you paid for.