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Finally resolved

My EBP 1102 problem has finally been resolved. The problem is, I believe, with a database entry in the o2 System. What they're doing wrong here is, and if you analyze your error statement you will see that the username referenced here is incorrect (in my case, it was my last name), which means that when a query is run to verify your username with your account number, the database spits out an error because the username does not match the account number. Therefore, o2 has to fix this problem for you in their DB, and to do this, you have to tell them to do it, because they have no clue that this is the problem.

Email mycare@o2mail.co.uk explaining the issue, and they should be able to fix it, although they may send you that wonderful clear your cache and use a NEW browser text. It's ridiculous, they think none of us know how websites or content management systems work!
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I have problem with verification

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I have problem with verification ma bill

I make so as write here, but still just the same
Link: http://service.o2.co.uk/IQ/SRVS/CGI-BIN ... CASE=12891

Probably, I will go mad ---HELP