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no service

Hi I was wondering if someone could help please, i have an iphone 3 which i have on contract this is the first time for me as for the past ten years or so i have always done pay as you go, I had a bit of trouble as 02 where taking two lots of money for the last month anyhow that i hope is sorted now i am keeping my number had this for years and now know it off by heart so 02 have said i can keep the number but i get up this morning and its now saying NO SERVICE, i tried to take the back off the phone but cant i was going to remove the battery then put it back in to see whether that would help, Im already fed up with myself as i am not tec savvy pfft.

I hope someone can help  :womansad:

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Re: no service

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I wouldn't remove the back they're not designed for it my friend.

First you can see if there's a network issue in your area;


(Put in your postcode and see)

Next if there is service try restarting the phone by pressing the power button and home at the same time. Hold them down until the apple logo appears.

If still no luck let us know.

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