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Re: iPhone v1 - what are you doing with yours...

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Just checked a couple of the recycling websites...
Mopay will give £104 cash for an 8GB iPhone - http://www.mopay.co.uk/PhoneSelector.asp
Mazuma Mobile will give £140 for 8GB and more for 16GB - http://www.mazumamobile.com/tradein.php ... ∏=1037
Mobile Phone Exchange will give £134 - http://www.mobilephonexchange.co.uk/sea ... ch&s=Apple
Obviously there's eBay, but if your iPhone's is not cosmetically perfect, I question how much they'll go for.

An interesting update to this... just checked online, and Mopay has reduced its price for 8GB iPhone to £50.00.
I think the other recycle sites will do the same over the next couple of weeks.