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iPhone 4 internet not working

Only got it today, 24 month contract.


Unfortunatley I've tried suggestions from a number of different websites but nothing seems to be working for me so far.


Say I try to access safari, it will just say I am not connected to the internet.


Can anyone help?




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Re: iPhone 4 internet not working

Don't know what you have tried so far. 

Are you on an iPhone specific tariff, or a general data tariff as the settings are different.

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Re: iPhone 4 internet not working

Hello, are your internet settings correct? We need to know your tariff to do tell you the correct settings.
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Re: iPhone 4 internet not working

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Try logging on to your account online and checking your tariff.


If its the iphone tariff then just reset your network settings and you should see a data symbol - O, E or 3G at the top left of the screen


if your on a smartphone tariff, then the settings you need to use are settings -> General-> Network-> Mobile/Cellular Data Network -

Cellular Data APN - mobile.o2.co.uk


MMS APN - wap.o2.co.uk


once you have succesfully connected to internet, you'll have one of the aove symbols. Make sure you switch your Wifi off when doing this.


hopefully this should help you.


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