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iphone 3g upgrade from iphone NOT in stores, online only

Had an iphone 3g pre ordered in local store, have just had a phonecall from the manager to say that upgrading from an iphone is only available online. No instore upgrades for iphone customers. :robotmad:

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Hello, I want to know if there is way I can copy all the videos and music I have on my iphone to another computer. I have a itunes libary on my mac but want the same on my laptop (sorry to say its windows) for the record I love apple, I just happen t...

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Please tell me that its not just me (!!!)

Can someone please put my mind at ease and tell me that i'm not alone and this iPhone thing is driving them completely round the bend. I didn't go for the iPhone last time round mainly due to the price, I was seriously tempted when the price was slas...

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What Are o2 doing ??

I just phoned up my nearest o2 store and after loads of rings somone answered, i said what time are u oopening thi friday for the release of the iphone, he then ask someone else who says it is still to be confirmed, when i said about pre-ordering the...

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Getting my fathers old iPhone

Ok, so im going to get it from him when he gets the new 3G one for free. Will i be able to put my o2 payg sim in it straight away or not, if not, why not.Keith

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Question for you

Is 3g and GPS worth replacing a phone which at the most is 8 months old (mine is 3months) and does eveything the new phone will do at exactly the same speed except for those things using data? Think carefully for a moment, is it worth £99 or more jus...

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Milk but no cookies...

Another day and.... another day with no info from o2...Its like Milk and no Cookies.. BAD NEWS...Whos gonna pester o2 for some answers today

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