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Time line of ordering

A brief explanation of how an order is processed may help some people to understand why their order is taking so long and keep discord to a minimum. 


When you place an order on o2 first all off your details are set for a credit check which determines how likely you are to default on a contract.


After your order has been placed and your credit check completed your details will be passed through O2s system to the accounts department where your my 02 details will be updated along with an ordered number and a status regarding your order.


Once these details have all been entered into the system a notification is sent to the warehouse where the phones are stored.


Once received at the warehouse your phone will be picked and allocated to your order (stock permitting)


At this point your order status will read "in process" in your myO2 account.


After all this wonderful process has happened the phones will have to wait for a delivery man to turn up. Once this wondrous man turns up to collect the phones he will scan them into his companies system which will allocate a tracking number to each and every phone he receives.


O2 then use these tracking numbers to update your account too "dispatched" and your tracking number will be displayed in your myO2 orders screen as well as a link to the dispatchers website.


After this is all done and complete the courier takes the parcels to his sorting depo, where they will all be allocated to different drives routes depending on where in the country they are destined for.



You can track this process from dispatch right up to your door by visiting the couriers website and putting in your tracking number.



You can also rearrange delivery times by contacting the delivery company.


Once this is all done and dusted you can wait eargerly for your shiney new toy to turn up at the allotted time Smiley Happy


"knock knock"


*signs for parcel*


you can now play all you want Smiley Happy



Keep in mind all this process between order and the notice prining in the warehouse is completely automated its really an amazing process. Obviously accidents can happen, if they do or you just fancy an update and a nice chat, phone customer services and have a nice word with them. They'll be happy to help you Smiley Happy


If anything of this is wrong please correct it this is all done from a small amount of knowledge Smiley Happy



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