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Sim tariff swap

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Ok so ive had this iPhone4s for ages, with my pay a tenner and get some stuff tariff. And ive recently perchased an iPhone5c. (Ive also moved house and currently hae no internet 😕 Doing all this on my phone) My sim was too small for my iPhone4s, so i got a standard pay as you go nano sim sent to me. I tried txting the number to swap over to my new sim, but it never works. I always get "O2: Thank you. Unfortunately we cannot progress the sim swap. Please call us free on 202 for further assistance."
I'm texting the number from my old phone with my current sim. Unless ive got to do it from my new phone and sim? But that would mean topping it up a tenner, i tried just doing the number and it just fails.

Now ive thought, sod it, it dont want to keep my number. So now ive changed tariffs to a much better one. But now im worried ill be paying for 2 tariffs. I did it all on my account, i just figured it would stop the one im using now.
Please help, im a bit of a noob noob.
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I think you might be PAYG? So the number to call is 4445 but try the sim swap form here first.
Your MyO2 will tell you if you now have another tariff running
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If both sims were payandgo you only top up the one you want to use so you won't be paying both. If one is a contract you need to give 30 days notice by calling customer service.

If you want to keep your original number just call into your O2 store. They will supply a new sim free and swap your number over for you. 

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Hello @Anonymous how are you getting on? slight_smile Did you manage to find out all the info you needed about your tariffs?

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