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Re: Pre-ordering at Apple

If you have 4 months interest free on your Paypal Credit facility, it would be cheaper to buy the phone outright using Paypal and fund that payment using your Paypal Credit balance?

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Re: Pre-ordering at Apple

@DinoF wrote:

I've never had insurance on ANY of my iPhones, never been necessary (had 3G, 4, 5 and 6).  I think the networks will want a big up front cost - at least £50 if not greater. Pre-ordering from Apple will work out cheapest for me I think.


Saying that I don't have insurance on my 5s as its under the limit of £250 to classify as an insurance claim (and I dropped it a day after getting it onto concrete but had it in an Otterbox thankfully) and I can actually afford to replace it.


However, and not having a go at you as you have done your research, the crucial thing is that is a credit agreement - with paypal or other - and they want their pound of blood regardless. High end phones are far too fragile these days to not have some form of ability to recover money in an unexpected loss. I should say, people should assess the risk of carrying a device of high value and what would happen if the unexpected happen and factor that in to their outgoings and take what is written here as a possiblity. 


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Re: Pre-ordering at Apple

Hi @RossP81,

have you made your choice yet?

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Re: Pre-ordering at Apple

Hi Toby,


For some reason my message didn't send yesterday. I decided at 7:30 to upgrade with O2 by the time it was 7:55 I had a Jet Black 7 + in my basket only to realise I wasn't logged in and hadn't paid my device plan off whoops. Joined the que to pay off the device plan and after it crashing a few times and evils from the other half as we are supposed to be enjoying ourselves at Legoland with the kids I gave up 😡