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Re: No Visual Voicemail

Hi guys,

I shall report this to the rest of the team to see where we can make things better there. Thanks for flagging! Really glad you got advice from others here @Anonymous and welcome to the community.

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Re: No Visual Voicemail

Hi did you ever get this sorted? I have just changed from a iPhone 5s which had visual voicemail to a 6s which doesn't. Like you every thing recommended to fix this hasn't worked.
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Re: No Visual Voicemail

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Ring o2 202 and ensure you are on the idata package

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Re: No Visual Voicemail

My visual voicemail disappeared when i updated my tarrif.  I have just returned from a meeting with an O2 guru in the shop.  The 1st thing he checked was that I have an iphone data bolt on (not sure of the exact title).  Without this VV will not work.  An online chat and amendment to my account to include the idata and VV worked straight away.  Hope this helps, I've tried for months to sort it myself, inclucing calling O2 but no-one seemed to have the answer.  The guru in the local shop has worked for O2 for 11yrs so finally spoke to someone who knew what they were talking about.


Hope this helps. 

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Re: No Visual Voicemail

Yes, you need iData on your account.
As said at the beginning of this thread.
Glad you got sorted in the end.
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Re: No Visual Voicemail

So many times you have been made aware what the problem was on this thread......😉

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Re: No Visual Voicemail

I had lots of Problems initially and the bolt on was missing so that fixed it.

It stopped working again and it would appear after many resets as above that having WiFi Calling on was preventing visual voicemail from working. Its worth a try to switch that off.