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No Service caused by Carbon Fiber Hard Case ?


Like so many others i was suffering with " No Service " or " Searching " even in areas where i know the signal is good with my 3GS for the last week or so.

I had also bought a real carbon fiber hard case from a well known maker just recently .

Then i took the carbon case off and put on the old plastic one i had used for ages and guess what ??

My signal is so much better without the carbon cover and i get 3G signal in my house again like i always used to.

I dont know why i didnt click about it earlier on but that real carbon fiber case really seems to reduce the signal level reaching my phone .

May seem hard to believe but ive tried it in several locations and always better signal without the hard carbon case.


Strange but true .... Pity cause i really liked the look of the carbon fiberSmiley Mad

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Re: No Service caused by Carbon Fiber Hard Case ?

I'm sure I read somewhere may have been macrumour forums some were having issues with certain poly carbon cases / covers I suppose it's like everything else technically your covering / shielding the device so it will to a very minimal degree affect your signal did ou try you sim in any other 3G handsets to test the quality?
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Re: No Service caused by Carbon Fiber Hard Case ?

Sitting in my seat just now with the plastic case im getting 3 bars on E .

If i put the carbon fiber case on it goes to 1 bar on E and sometimes " searching or no service "

The phone is in the exactly the same position.

It has to be blocking the signal slightly .

Im quite happy really because i thought my phone was broken although i did like the carbon case.


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Re: No Service caused by Carbon Fiber Hard Case ?

thare are a few youtube videos showing the effect on cell and wifi signal of a carbon fiber case.

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