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New iPhone 4 Update coming, Will o2 plans change?

The new iOS version has been announced today (http://www.apple.com/uk/ios/).
I have a Pay as you go iPhone 4 on o2 and wondered about the Personal hotspot feature.
Will this feature be available to pay as you go iPhones or will it only be available for pay monthly?
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Re: New iPhone 4 Update coming, Will o2 plans change?

Who knows untill o2 post something officially.
But it replaces tethering from what I have read and tethering was contract only not payg.
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Re: New iPhone 4 Update coming, Will o2 plans change?

I hope they don't make it pay monthly only... so annoying
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Re: New iPhone 4 Update coming, Will o2 plans change?

[ Edited ]
If you click on the "Set Up Personal Hotspot" feature in iOS4.3 you are sent to:
http://www.o2.co.uk/assets/O2HybridNav/ ... ltons.html
Where it states clearly that:
"nternet tethering lets you connect your iPhone to your computer and use it as a modem so you can get on the internet, a bit like mobile broadband. To use this you'll need to be on an iPhone tariff and purchase an Internet Tethering Bolt On.
Bolt Ons for Pay Monthly
* 500MB - £7.50 a month (minimum 30 days)
Bolt Ons for Business & Corporate *
* Now £6.38 for 500MB as an additional allowance to your handheld bundle.

Internet Tethering using your iPhone will use up your data allowance. All Internet Tethering Bolt Ons include unlimited Wi-Fi access from our partner The Cloud's 5,000 hotspots (BT Openzone to follow).
To use Wi-Fi on your laptop, you should make sure you switch off Internet Tethering on your iPhone and connect your laptop directly to the Wi-Fi hotspot. It may take up to 24 hours to set up your Internet Tethering Bolt On. Excessive usage policy applies.
Find out more and view terms.
Unfortunately internet tethering is not available for Pay & Go customers.
If you want to use the internet on your laptop while you're out, there's O2 Mobile Broadband on Pay & Go from £2 a day. Find out more.
*Prices are ex VAT."
So no Personal Hotspot for PAYG. This may change of course.