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Iphone 5 update poor poor customer service

Here is a bit of an update and "chat" i had with customer "service"


Welcome to O2. Someone will be with you soon. 
  We're really busy right now. Thanks for waiting. If you're after the latest information on the iPhone 5 please go here
  Did you know you can find out your upgrade date by logging into MyO2 here. You can also do lots of other stuff like check your bill or change your tariff too. The current wait time is around 0 minute(s).

You're through to Edwin.

Edwin: Hi I'm O2 : Edwin. How can I help?

james: Hi there. I have oreded my iphone 5 on 14th September and it still says in progress on the order screen. I have read abut people getting there phones after I have orederd mine. As I have also been charged for this I am very mythed at your service. Can you give me an update when to expect it as I need tp ogansie someone to wait in for it.

Edwin: I'm sorry to know about it.

Edwin: Let me check this for you.

Edwin: Can you tell me your full name as it is on your account?


Edwin: Thanks.

Edwin: Please can you tell me the 4th and 5th characters of your security answer?

james: XX

james: XX sorry

Edwin: Perfect.Smiley Happy

Edwin: Thanks for the information. Please give me a few minutes while I check this for you.

james: okay

Edwin: Thanks for waiting.

Edwin: I've checked and approximately you'll receive your on Monday.

james: how certian is that?

Edwin: As you've placed an order on 14/09/2012, you might receive your order on 24/09/2012.

james: edwin you have not answered my question, how likely is it that it will be definatley Monday as I need to organise someone to be in to collect

Edwin: As per the Updates, we got that any Customer has placed the order before 15th, they'll receive their order on 24/09/2012.

james: how soon before it is dispatched will I get a conformation email? I'm on holiday and this is proving to be nightmare to organise and I feel o2 has let me down. Also how long do I have to cancel as if it does not come on monday I will be going over to orange

Edwin: Once its Dispatched from our end, you'll receive an confirmation e-mail and once the order has delivered to you then you can cancel your contract.

Edwin: As per the Updates you should receive your order on 24/09/2012.

james: The updates you have been posting on twitter is that everyone who preorded would recive for launch. So working on that information I would argue your info is untrustworty. And I can't belive that you have not even apologised or ackowleged the poor customer service o2 has offered.

Edwin: I'm really very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Edwin: Hopefully you'll receive your order on Monday. 

Edwin: Please don't worry.

james: Edwin your sarcasam is not lost on me through chat.

Edwin: I'm sorry you feel this way, James.

james: Copy. Paste. Forum

Edwin: I'm really very sorry.

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Re: Iphone 5 update poor poor customer service

wow, pretty arsey! You're still going to get it. What would be the point in cancelling and then setting up a new account and trying to get one through a different company?

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Re: Iphone 5 update poor poor customer service

wheres the sarcasm? sorry.

He may not be the most informative but please give him his dues hes trying to help with very little information given to him.

Imagine the amount of abuse these people receive. and then to go and be polite to the next customer Smiley Happy
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Re: Iphone 5 update poor poor customer service

Wow. So you lay in to a guy who is trying to help you by answering your questions, and then call him sarcastic for doing so?


Way to go James, you really showed him.


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Re: Iphone 5 update poor poor customer service