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Iphone 5 unblock

I am moving away to Australia in the middle of November. I am wondering if I fill out the form to unblock my Iphone 5 for free as I am a pay monthly customer, can I use a SIM card from over there or will only providers here in the Uk work? Also can I unblock my phone now and carry on using my 02 sim until I go then change it to an Australian provider once I'm there?
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Re: Iphone 5 unblock

You should be able to use your existing O2 sim card fine even after unblocking it and then change it over there. To complete the unblock I think you have to it a foreign SIM card and then sync it with iTunes to complete.
Once you unlock it you will be able to use an Australian SIM card.
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Re: Iphone 5 unblock

Ah right that's sucks as I'll be staying in hostels and won't be able to connect to iTunes while I'm out there to complete the unblock :/. Thanks for the reply Smiley Happy
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Re: Iphone 5 unblock

Hi @ Goderz95 and Welcome to the Forum.

To unlock your iPhone 5 for free as your a contract customer fill in this form :

https://www.o2.co.uk/apps/help/help?qid=1&q1=2&route=unlocking&case=Handset%20Unlocking%20Form -> then when you get the e mail from O2 confirming it has been unlocked you will need to insert another UK SIM card from another network. For example Vodaphone.

Their is NO requirement to hook up to iTunes with the iPhone 5 ,as simply inserting the other UK network Sim Card fully completes the unlock sequence.

Once the sequence has been completed you can still use your O2 SIM card and any other UK network SIM card and you'll be able to use foreign ones too.

I hope that helps.

Help link on unlocking : http://www.o2.co.uk/help/phones-and-devices/unlocking-your-iphone-and-using-it-on-another-network
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Re: Iphone 5 unblock

Unlock it now whilst in the UK then carry on using your O2 sim until you move away. Then just put any sim in it you like - All will work Worldwide once unlocked.
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Re: Iphone 5 unblock

Unlocking your phone doesn't cancel your contract. If you're a Pay Monthly customer you will still be charged your monthly tariff.


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Re: Iphone 5 unblock

As said, once unlocked just put in any UK network sim to complete the process, no itunes necessary. From customer experience on the community it's better to complete the process in the UK.