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Has anyone raised a complaint regarding the shambolic handling of Iphone 7 deliveries?

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I like most perople didn't receive my Iphone7 as promised and was fed a load of rubbish from various customer service agents over several weeks. I went away on holiday last week, and as my 256gb Jet Black had not arrived yet, i had to cancel my order.


I have emailed the customer serice review centre and documented the issues i have experienced and as i was out of contract now i am planning to change networks after over 15 years. There response was to blame Apple and say stock was out of there hands and to give me £20 credit. After putting additional questions to them, they avoided answering, and pretty much washed there hands with me.


Has anyone else raised official complaints yet?

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I have not made complaints to O2 because that is a waste of time. I have, however, made a complaint to both Ofcom and Watchdog, it's not based on the failure to deliver, it's based on the appaling way they are treating their customers, with the lies, inability to give times/dates and just the blanket of silence.


I very much doubt anything will happen as O2 are doing nothing illegal but given they are rated "Best Customer Services" for the last 7 years i have to say i take issue with that.


All i want is a definitive answer as to when they will be sending out the phones, when they get stock and just information to be sent to all their customers, too much to expect in the victorian age, but as we are in the golden age of information maybe not so.


@O2 if you are listening or reading then you should be totally ashamed with this shambles you call service. @Anonymous if you are listening or reading then you should be totally ashamed with this shambles you call service. 

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I am with you there to  do with iphone 7 and 02 I have also ordered iphone 7 jet black 128gb and been spoken to in a horrible way as I am disabbled from last december.

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had enough, jumped ship, below from CS, laughable:


I really apologize for the same. However, the device is out of stock at the moment and we're trying our hard to be in regular touch of the manufacturer to complete our shortage as soon as possible, so that we can fulfil the demand of the new iPhone.


BUT anyone else has it in stock!!!!


so i ordered a shiny new iPhone 7 plus 256GB matt black from Carphonewarehouse and it is being delivered to me tomorrow.


Next year I will give it to the wife and get the new one anyway

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Hey, lets all kudo each other so O2 will take notice.

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its exactly the same with every new iPhone release......i'm surprised people still aren't prepared for this

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It has never been like this in the past. I can handle delays and certain aspects are out of O2's control. However simple communication is within O2's control and they have failed miserabley and they actually dont give a flying f@$k about it!

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I agree. It's not about the phone now. But rather the unacceptable lack of communication between O2 and their customers. I would be more patient if I had at least had some sort of update from them.
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Just cancel and go into Carphone'll then walk out the door with your new phone!!

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There is always a shambles with the iPhone releases I have been involved with (the tick years), but this year does seem to be worse than normal. 


I have always ordered my iPhone through O2 (apart from one year with phones4U) but this year I decided to buy direct from Apple and judging by the stories I have read on here over the last few weeks, it seems I was right to do so. 

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