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First impressions on the Lovely new Iphone 5

Hey All..So here's a bit of a review on the New Iphone 5..So far...


Loving it..After using the iphone 3GS for the best part of 3 and a half years (oh and 9 months of HTC HD7), I must say I'm impressed.


The shape and size is a really nice feel in your hand, especially if you have smallish hands like myself.


I've not had chance to try all the apps yet as currently uploading from Itunes oh and waiting on the sim swap.


It is however extremely quick compared to Iphone 3GS and HTC (oh this is on wifi not able to try on data yet but it is quicker just in general).


My only concern not sure if this is the norm but I only have 28GB of memory not the 32GB? Is this because of the processor, software etc...Itunes only states max capacity of 28?


Other then that I am extremely pleased with my choice and defo glad I got this instead of the Samsung S3...altho this is just my opinion, as we all have different tastes.


The screen and resolution is really clear, looking forward to taking some pics over the weekend.


Can't wait to try everything out as I'm pretty sure you all are too. As soon as I have more information I will update.


Hope everyone else is enjoying their new phone and hope all those who have yet to receive it, a speedy delivery, so they too, can enjoy this fantastic update from Apple.


Bye for now. __________________________________________________________________________________________


Finally an IPHONE 5 User

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Re: First impressions on the Lovely new Iphone 5

Usable space will be less than 32GB as you have the apple operating system, pre-installed apps etc. 


Glad you're enjoying the new phone though!

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